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Termed as the ‘Valley of the Sun’, Phoenix, Arizona can be a hot and arid place. Many feel this is not the ideal vacay place. But the reality is different as this southwestern city enjoys the nickname of ‘LA without the Pacific’. And we know how LA is the perfect vacation spot for people all over the globe. That means apart from the beach Phoenix offers an LA-like hospitality, delicious multi-cuisine, live music. And along with that, you get to witness crimson-red mountains and cacti-line boulevards. Phoenix has it all. In case you are traveling to Phoenix, here’s how you can beat the heat.

Follow the basics

Like with any hot place, this is the number one thing to do. Carry and drink lots of water to keep you hydrated, which help to regulate your body temperature in the heat. And don’t forget to shield your skin with a good sunblock. The average temperatures can touch up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit during summer. You will meet mostly clear blue skies here, so get ready to say hello to a lot of sunshine.

Eat light

Vacation meets eating your heart out, but you have to be careful when in Phoenix. The extra cheese, grease or spice with the rising temperatures can be a recipe for disaster. So eat right and keep it light. Choose small meals like salads, smoothies, fruits and vegetables. Not only are these foods nutritious, they also contain more fluids, which keep you hydrated.

Spray the heat away

Are you thinking perfumes? Yes, you’ll need that to keep body odor away, but what we really meant was water spray bottles. Keep spraying water from time to time on your head, face and hair and wrist to keep your blood circulation normal. Also, this way, the sweat gets evaporated, and it also cools down the body temperature considerably.

Choose right type of clothing

Wearing loose cotton clothes with bright colors will keep your temperature in check. Wearing loose-fitted clothes will allow air movement and sweat to evaporate quickly. You can also try synthetic fabrics worn by athletes, which absorb the sweat without leaving you wet and sticky.

Dip in the pool

That is the obvious thing to do. And we guess the best part about hot weather. A swim in the pool not only keeps you cool but also is a great form of exercise, which is an absolute must in the hot weather. Make sure you have access to a pool wherever you are staying in Phoenix. There are also plenty of water parks to add the fun element with all that water.

So, keep these tips in your checklist if you have already packed for Phoenix.  And remember to include another thing in that list – Airtkt, which offers you the cheapest air tickets, offers, and deals.

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