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Well, already late for making you plan for the Independence Day? Worried about where to go, how to get cheap flight tickets, how to have a holiday that is gentler on the pocket yet is exciting? Then, you must try AirTkt last minute 4th of July travel hacks to save you money and still give you a memorable holiday. While this is the peak travel season, since whole of the U.S would be cheering in the holiday mode, hotel prices would be soaring, events would be pre-booked and super expensive, and all flight rates would be supremely high. Yet, you cannot miss the mesmerizing fireworks, ambitious parades, and the delicious barbeques that swarm the entire U.S during this time. So, read on to know the best ways you can make this last-minute holiday a budgeted one.

Be vigilant and smart

To get cheap last-minute flight tickets, search for airfares in incognito mode on a competitive flight finder such as AirTkt. Check for dead time flights (early morning or late night), non-busy weekdays (Tuesday or Wednesday), alternate airports, etc. while making the flight bookings. Choose to fly out on the day of the holiday, when most people have already left. Select a combination that suits you and is cheaper too. On the other hand, redeem your miles to get more discounts, follow the airlines social media accounts for any last-minute deals, monitor price alerts for any drop-in airfare, and use your special status (military, student, elderly, teachers, etc.) to book your last-minute flight at a fair price.

Discover small towns

While everyone is headed to the big cities for those larger than life shows, and events jam-packed with people being sold at rocket high prices, you could head out to explore small towns which have small, intricate, and special celebrations that would mesmerize you. You could opt to witness the amazing pet parade and exciting hula hoop contest at the Bend, Oregon or go to Seguin, Texas which hosts the biggest parade among all the small towns. You could search for more such places, but the crux is to avoid major cities such as Washington, Boston, New Orleans, etc.

Look beyond famous events

Ditch those high-priced, overtly crowded events and instead explore the beautiful natural beauty and witness the splendid firework display in the national parks; there are more than 400 national parks to choose from. You should also add a tad bit of history to your trip and discover historical monuments, sites, and national seashores. Some sites host free 4th of July fun activities and shows such as community musical picnic, musket demonstrations, games, cook-outs, etc.

Book your stay in the suburbs

This will help you big time without hampering the holiday at all. Be wise and choose a good, budgeted stay far from the over-crowded cities and towns with ultra-high-priced accommodations. Instead opt for a room with a view in the suburbs or country club. The firework display is massive, and you can witness this while enjoying some great company and wine in the midst of natural beauty.

Pre-book your flight and hotel, but not transport

Booking in advance has always proven to be beneficial with an exception to pre-booking the car. Car rentals usually soar high initially and eventually lower down as they get close to the rental period. Due to this uncertain fluctuation, it is best to not pre-book the car rentals so much in advance instead pay it close to the holiday.

If you follow these travel hacks from AirTkt, you are sure to experience a great, budgeted 4th of July holiday.

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