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If you are in the Big Apple, and like your beer just right, you have just hit the sweet spot, or rather the ale spot. Though we can’t write about the 10,000 licensed bars (that figure must have grabbed your eyeballs) in this megapolis and here is a list of just 5 to give you an idea of the fizzing tip of the beer iceberg.

Torst: Danish word for thirst, Torst is the place to head for if your mouth is thirsting for some Viking palate induced brews. Their menu of drinks ranges from light alcohol to harder versions.  It is a tad pricey, but the experience here is worth it. The minimalist designs heighten the ambience along with the once-in-a-lifetime brew. Kick up your fancy heels and loosen your tie a little bit. Just soak it in beer et al.

Covenhoven: pronounced as Cove-in-hove-in, this bar is ideal for a relaxed session of beer alone or with some pals. As you enter, you will immediately spot a very accessible glass door fridge where you can choose your beer poison for the day. The choice is more than a regular with a variety extending to over 100 plus brews. The owners live upstairs and they might welcome you in like family. A place to head to if you’re looking for variety in your drink and chilling for the day.

BierWax: Don’t you ever wish to go back in time to the ‘golden age NYC while sipping your beer? Well, this is the bar for you then. BierWax is a self-proclaimed NYC’s premier vinyl record craft beer bar.  They won’t disappoint as they have a curated list of beer and vinyl music along with a featured DJ. Grab a seat here and take it all in for that warm, frothy, sunshine feeling.

The Hop Shoppe: Thou shalt not worry, but be rather hoppy! This message greets the wandering stranger into the premier craft bar in Staten Island. If you are in the mood for a dash of cocktails, some milkshakes and a range of 20 beers to choose from, hop in here. This gastropub is a burger lover’s delight, like bacon, mac and cheese, mouthwatering sandwiches and a kids’ menu. And then there is the skee-ball game, which adds to the aura of the place.

Blind Tiger: Know as the ‘it’ bar in NYC, it has been in the game since 1996. The reason is the carefully curated 28 taps and 28 bottles plus menu with bar food to complement it. Housed in its dark wood archetype design, the crowds keep coming in for more brew and buzz.

Now that you have a handy list of the best bars in the city, don’t wait to get your froth going anywhere else. You have 10,000 bars more to choose from. But for that, you must book your flight to NYC. And there’s no better place than Airtkt to do just that. It offers the most affordable travel deals, offers and air tickets. Cheers to that!

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