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New Jersey, the Garden State of the North East, welcomes millions of tourists every year, contributing at least $5 Billion to the local state’s revenue. Whether it is the Princeton trip of the anticipatory students or the singular goal of chasing the New York Skyline, the state has never failed to live up to its hype.

As the state stretches through thousands of square meters, and the abundance doubles in each corner, it is better for tourists to narrow down the focal points of attraction to make the most of their limited time in New Jersey.

If you are planning a trip to the crown jewel of the East Coast, here are the top 5 places to visit in New Jersey that you simply can’t take off your itinerary. 

  1. The Asbury Park 

Located at the seaside of a coastal town, the Asbury Park blooms with 19th-century Architecture and a beachfront. The Stone Pony Theatre is crowned with the legacy of legends such as Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. The park offers moments of unmatched calm with its quintessential glory of indulging history. The park includes live music, arcades, Silverball Museum and lively cafes. 

  1. Wildwoods 

Wildwoods, the sooner town of New Jersey, offers long stretches of beaches spread over 5 miles to its 9 million tourists annually. Along with the broad-walk, the city has endless sources of entertainment, thanks to its water bodies. The resort city of the New Jersey Coast is packed with eateries, waterparks, thrill rides, and ships. The town is also home to the Doo Wop Experience museum, with the 1950s and ’60s artifacts that include a collection of neon signs––perfect for memorable photo tourism. 

  1. The Cape May 

The Cape May carries within its streets the lessons of history. It has magnificent ancient sites and coveted beach spots that cater to tourists from all over the country and all around the world. One of the most touted attractions is WWII Artillery Bunker, which stands on the Jersey Beach. Coming to the east coast, you simply cannot miss tasting this slice of history. 

  1. The Liberty State Park 

New Jersey’s blessing includes the breathtaking views offered at the Liberty State Park. The garden campus is enamored with lush greenery and is backed with the backdrop of the Ellis Islands. Upfront the park is the Manhattan Island and the Statue of Liberty, and the epic New York Skyline. Water sports enthusiasts can participate in fishing, kayaking, boating and ferry rides, available at the island. 

  1. Paterson Great Falls

Another gemstone of the state is the Great Falls of the Passaic River. The breathtaking views at this National Natural Landmark make it one of the best places to visit in that ruthless New Jersey Winter. The tourists indulge in the panoramic views from the Overlook Park travel, all the way to the Mary Ellen Kramer Park.

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