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Visiting Budapest may not be at the top of your list of cities to visit in Europe but it is one gem of a city. Filled with glorious beauty, scenic landscapes, and beautiful weather – Budapest is quite underrated. Not just that the food in Budapest is to die for. Especially for all meat and pork lovers, this capital city of Hungary is heavenly. Just like every other country’s cuisine, even Hungary has ingredients that are very crucial to its dishes. It is impossible to imagine any Hungarian dish without meat or pork. A specific breed of the latter is endemic to Hungary and is widely known for its rare taste and quality. The unique breed of pig is called Mangalica, which appears to be like a sheep with curly fur. The juicy and soft texture of the meat of this breed of pig is famous all around the world. No wonder it is celebrated in all its glory every year in the Budapest Mangalica Festival.

This huge festival held in February every year offers the biggest number of delicacies from the Mangalica breed of pigs. And if you are a fan of meat and up for tasting some of the finest quality of pork, then you should not miss the Budapest Mangalica Festival. In 2020, it would be the 13th round of the festival, which would be hosted in the heart of Budapest – 5th district on Szabadság Square. The festival is centered on the Hungarian heritage breed and hosts visitors from all over the world in large numbers.

There is no entry to the festival and attendees get a chance to directly meet the breeders and producers of the products. These breeders and producers are gathered for the festival from across the country. All exhibitors of the festival are assigned unified appearances – small wooden houses – to market and sell their products. The festival hosts a huge variety of delicacies made from Mangalica pig meat such as sausages, ham, roast meat, salamis, and other street food specialties. Apart from this, the festival also includes artisan cheesemakers; honey producers; chocolate and specialty break makers; as well as craft beer, wine, and pálinka makers.

Apart from more than 100 food exhibitors, the festival also conducts cooking competitions, light music concerts, gastro shows, craft fairs, and animal exhibitions including the three varieties of the famous Mangalica pig. The festival first began in 2007 and since then has become of the most significant gastro events in Budapest. In 2020, the festival is expected to be held from February 7 – February 9; thought the official confirmation is yet to come.

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