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Want to take a holiday in September and stuck on when to book the flights? Well, you need to stop worrying now because AirTkt has a solution to this, one that will guarantee you cheapest airfares for your September trip. Flight booking are the most crucial item to tick off the list when planning for a holiday, but it is also one thing that needs the most precision in planning and absolute care in booking. Hence, bear in mind our tips to ensure you get nothing but the best flight prices for September.

Primarily, one thing you must undertake is being vigilant about airfares. Be alert about any social media offers running for September on the airline accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Also, check competitive flight finders such as AirTkt for great September holiday deals and offers. You should also sign up for low fare alerts on email to ensure you are not missing out on any opportunity.

That said, the main question is to know – what is the best time to book September flights? Well, the best time is your Prime Booking Window when you are about to witness lowest airfares. The Prime Booking Window begins from 70-80 days before the departure of flight for all U.S. domestic travel; and for international destinations, the window opens from 60 days in advance of departure. You should watch airfares carefully during this time and book on the best one whenever it strikes. So, if you have your travel dates for September already set then you must check AirTkt to book your flight tickets. Check for beginning from May end for domestic bookings, whereas for international ones, you should begin your monitoring from the beginning/mid of June. You do not want to let a low airfare slide by, so be very alert for any price drops.

There are also a couple of things that could help you get even cheaper rates for September bookings such as flexible dates, time, and airport. You can choose to travel in mid-week instead of weekends, choose early morning or late-night flights, and opt for an alternative airport that has cheaper flights. Flying during peak times, days, and from popular hubs may be more expensive than the other options which are not bad either. Try to avoid flying near to a special occasion or event that falls in September, as the fares will be considerably higher during that time. Find your fare in incognito mode and ensure you capture best rates during any sales or promotional offers running on airlines’ websites or the AirTkt website.

We also advise you to check for connecting flights in case they do not trouble you. That way, you could have another destination added to your trip and also take a stretch on a long flight. Well, that said, booking during the prime window and keeping these factors in mind will guarantee lowest airfares for your September travel. So, cherry on!

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