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We all know the discomfort caused by that heavy bag that you carried around all day long, leading to a terrible neck and shoulder pain. No matter the length of the trip, you need to pack your purse and pack it right! Packing up for your next airplane flight? Here are certain tips by AirTkt on How to make your purse lighter while travelling.

Pick your purse

Struggling to pick the right one from the number of purses that you own? Or having a hard time making a decision between a fancy one and a comfortable one? Its simple, the lighter one is your pick. A lot of purses already weight quite a bit before you put anything in them. So begin the process, picking up a comfortable and lighter bag, preferably which can be worn both as a cross body or a tote.

Slim up the essentials

We all have a tendency to stock up the purse with sunscreen bottles, extra medications, hand sanitizer, cosmetics, and perfume. It’s not a suitcase! It’s a purse, so treat it like one. Carry a sample size of the things that you really need. Other than that make sure you carry only two servings of medications that you might require, rest pack it up in your suitcase.

Use your coins first

One of the fastest ways that weigh your bag down without even you realising it are these coins. Sitting down conveniently at the bottom of the bag, these are never used. Carry a small coin purse to carry these metal pieces and use it up each day rather than collecting them.

Clean up every day

It might be the most boring job to pursue after a long day out, but you don’t really want to start your next day with a purse full of junk like admission tickets, bills, wrappers, receipts and what not. So clean it out rather than carting it around.

Wallet Check

Firstly, ensure you are carrying a small wallet in the purse. Secondly, do not overload it. Arrange the wallet and get rid of the extra cards or old receipts etc.


When travelling keep no space for just-in-case items. All you need is your wallet, glasses, passport, keys, sample size utility, medicines, pen, and your phone. Only carry the bare essentials.

So next time you book your airplane flights, make sure you follow these guidelines by AirTkt to take the weight off your shoulders.

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