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Disney has all been a fascination not just for kids but even for the adults. The spectacular castles, the beautiful landscapes, the amazing stories tied around the view, and the characters stay in our hearts forever – no matter the age. Hence, a Disney destination makes for a perfect holiday gateway with family and especially one where kids enjoy the most. Well, you are in luck because AirTkt has listed these 5 magical real-life Disney destinations, which will leave you in awe. So, get ready to grab flight tickets and head off to any of these places for a splendid holiday the Disney way.


The Alcazar Castle, Spain

Situated in the city of Segovia, the Alcazar Castle is one of the most unique castle-palaces in Spain because of its structure which imitates the bow of a ship, as well as because it was the inspiration for the location of Snow White. The castle was built in the 12th century as a fort for the Arabs but was later converted to a palace for the Kings. However, it later proceeded on to become a prison and then a military academy until today when it was finally made into a museum and archive. The architecture of the castle is inspiring and almost seems magical.


The Dunnottar Castle, Scotland

One of the widely recognized images from Scotland is that of The Dunnottar Castle, which is situated on an island at the meeting point of three great sea lochs and is surrounded by majestically beautiful landscapes. The castle is the inspiration behind the Oscar-winning Disney’s animated adventure – Brave. The Brave team toured Scotland and took inspiration from the Dunnottar Castle to fit the family castle look. Just like the film, the castle is situated amidst dramatic cliffs and makes you marvel at its beauty.


Chillon Castle, Switzerland

One of the most loved characters of Disney is the Little Mermaid and the castle depicted in the movie – The Little Mermaid – happens to be the Chillon Castle in Switzerland. The castle dates back to 1150 and changed its role from prison, a storage facility, a fortress to now one of the most visited and famous castles in Switzerland. The castle is a collection of 25 little buildings and is located on the lake, giving it a great view of the Savoie area.


Mont Saint-Michel, France

This castle is the one that inspired the castle in Tangled – one of the most loved Disney movies of all times. The view of the castle looks as if right out from a fairy tale and is surrounded by the highest tides in Europe. Also, known as the ‘Wonder of the West’ the castle is connected to the mainland through a long bridge that enhances the overall scenic beauty.


Chateau Du Chambord, France

Loved Beauty and the Beast? Well, here is the real-life inspiration for the Beast’s castle in the movie and one which you can visit to experience it all. The castle has been the inspiration for both the animated version in 1991 and otherwise the film version (2017) that starred Emma Watson. It was built in 1519 by Francis and took 28 years to come to life. The purpose of the building was to be used for hunting; however, today it is a highly visited tourist place.

We hope you have all the inspiration you need to experience the Disney dreams in reality!

Book flight tickets of your family and go visit these magical real-life Disney destinations.

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