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African Safari Adventure with vast landscapes, gorgeous animals, and the thrill, is one of the most spectacular experiences one can have in a lifetime. No wonder people hop halfway around the world to do this. The first time you see these beauties in-person you will be spellbound. If you plan to take this splendid experience, then you must plan well for it. Read this article for all you should know about the African Safari Adventure.

Choosing you safari

Given the abundance of options, you should evaluate your choices based on important factors such as budget, what the tour offers, related fun activities, type of accommodation, and mode of transportation.

Where to go?

The most important question is which country in Africa do you want to go? Are you interested in the incredible wildlife and diversity that South Africa offers? Or do the amazing game reserves and glorious beaches of Tanzania tempt you? Or are you the one that wants a mix of beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, and unique culture? Well, the choice is hard but it yours. Africa is an enormous continent with beautiful countries; you can also determine your choice by prioritizing which animals you want to see.

What to see?

Africa is home to vast wildlife species, some of which may be region specific. Thus, it is crucial to know what animals you want to see to determine where you should go. If you’re interested in seeing the Big Five animals – lions, leopard, rhinoceros, elephants, and the Cape buffalos, then there are multiple safari tours that offer these such as the ‘Big Five’ Safaris. You can visit Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo or Malawi – to see these species. If you keen to see a gorilla, then you must go to Uganda, Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of Congo.

When to go?

The best time to travel depends heavily on your chosen destination. According to AirTkt, you should take off in summer when the water in the continent is scarce and all the animals gather around the few water resources, making it easier for you. Also, during this time roads are easier to navigate, than rainy season when they are all flooded.  Summer is also the peak safari season and prices will be higher.

Where to stay?

There are multiple accommodation options to choose from depending on budget and approach of the trip. You can book luxury hotels and resorts or could choose to stay in the outdoor luxury camps. If you are looking for budget-friendly options, you can stay in lodges, tree houses, and campsites that are beautiful, adventurous, and economical.

How to get around?

There are two main options – guided or self-driven tour. In a guided tour, a professional guide will drive you in a 4WD vehicle with other travelers to safe places where you can observe wildlife in their natural habitats. You can alternatively wish to go on a horse-back, a canoe, or a mokoro. The other choice is that of exploring this rich wildlife yourself at your speed and ways. You can also prefer walking safaris.

What to pack?

Do not forget your SUNSCREEN (minimum SPF 20) because you will be exposed to a lot of Sun your entire trip. Apart from keep the below:

  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Comfortable clothes in olive, green or khaki color
  • Windcheater
  • Shoes and Hiking boots
  • Binoculars
  • Insect Repellent
  • Camera, batteries, and memory cards
  • Snacks and water

What to prepare?

  • Visas: Apply for your visa at least 60 days in advance and also check the requirements of an African visa or contact an agent to get more clarity. Confirm visa requirements of the specific country you are planning to visit.
  • Vaccines: You will need some vaccines such as yellow fever, Hepatitis A & B, and typhoid.  Check with you doctor 4-6 weeks in advance to know the vaccination timings and process. Also carry permitted medicines such as malaria medication, aspirin, etc.
  • Insurance: Do take travel insurance as per your need and budget.

While you are on the enriching adventure, ensure you behave well with animals around. Follow the instructions of the tour guide. Happy animal-watching!

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