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The Grand Canyon has about 6 million visitors every year. Its rugged beauty and steep trails make it a prized hiking spot in the country. Most visitors like to take in the sights from the top and avoid the rigours of the hike to the bottom of the canyon.

To take in the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon, you need to hike to the Colorado River. This will need some stamina and preparation from you. Here are a few tips that can save your life or in the least let you have a safe hike.

Stopover at the South Rim

If you can stay in the hotels here,  you can enjoy sightings of wild animals and have a restful sleep before the difficult first-day hike. An early start will make sure you are relaxed and ready to face the day.

Timing is the key

As an experienced hiker will tell you, it is important to plan your distance. Time your hike according to the sunrise and sunset so that you can use your energy more efficiently for ascending and descending the tough terrains.

Look out for unpredictable weather

Seasonal temperatures are extreme in the Grand Canyon. Summer can bring in hot parched climate and winter can leave icy conditions at the bottom of the canyon. Thunderstorms in summer and snowstorms in winter can appear out of nowhere.

Essentials- Food and Water

An intense hike means more intake of fluids and snacks. You need a sufficient and balanced supply of both to maintain your energy levels.

Strong footwear and light bags

Carry only essentials as you need to move quickly and easily. Besides water and food, you will need sun protection. Get a pair of sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen. And don’t move without a first-aid kit and a handheld torch.

You can wear light footwear for short day trips but you need professional hiking boots for longer trips.

Be aware of your energy levels

It is advised by experienced hikers to take frequent breaks. You need to make sure oxygen levels are normal in your body. Don’t push yourself too hard.

A trip to the Grand Canyon is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. So, don’t forget to take these tips seriously. And after the tips, it is time to take a trip to the Grand Canyon. How? Hurry now for the best travel deals at Airtkt and fulfil your grand dream today.

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