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You have planned your vacay right to the details. You are excited and looking forward to some downtime. We don’t blame you but beware, travel can also throw some curveballs your way. You are exposed to germs, unfamiliar food, irregular schedules, a lot of public toilets, etc. How does one enjoy a new place while being cautious about not falling sick without looking like a complete germaphobe?

Here are some few tips to balance the need to stay vigilant while traversing some new places under the sun:

  1. Be prepared before you hit the road. While your plans are in motion, set your sight on the insurance button too. Go online and do the smart thing of getting insurance, even if you are going for a short trip. If you happen to fall ill on the D-day, you can recover almost all your costs. That being said, now on how to avoid falling sick.
  2. Another step before you are on the move, get any shots necessary. No, not the alcohol shots, but the medical ones. Especially if you are traveling to a different country.
  3. Now onto the actual traveling. If you are on a plane, sanitize your seating area. The cleaning crew does a cleaning routine, especially it is not a thorough one. The germs from the previous passengers can be a source of sickness. Take your sanitizer wipes along and wipe down every single surface you will come into contact like the seat belt, the arms, etc. The same principle applies to any other mode of transport. Sanitize your seating area.
  4. Physical movement is important, especially it is necessary especially when you are on long journeys whether in the air or on the road. Get out of your seat and walk till the end of the aisle if you are in a plane. If you are on the road, take occasional stops and stretch your legs to prevent any sprains or back aches.
  5. An important supplement to having food is taking vitamins and probiotics. Since your body will be stressed with unusual routine and a different diet, shore up your immunity with a few supplements!
  6. Now that you have reached your destination and are all pumped to go out and explore. It would be advisable here to rest and catch up on your sleep if it has been a long journey. We are all aware of the impact that sleep has on our bodies. Get a few winks before you step out of your hotel room. And maybe you won’t stumble and sprain something somewhere.
  7. The last thing to remember- drink water regularly, avoid suspicious food and stick to your exercise routine.


We have covered the important steps for a sickness-free journey for you. And you can be all smiles by booking your ticket on Airtkt, which offers unbelievable travel offers and deals.

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