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Whether you are a frequent air traveler or not, you would have heard about a few times about the ‘red-eye flights’. But do you know about the exact meaning of red-eye flights? If not, you will be aware of everything about it after reading this article. If you are curious about the pros and cons of red-eye flights, if you want to know what you should expect from these flights, you are most welcome. We are here to help you with all about red-eye flights.

What is the meaning of red-eye flight?

A red-eye flight is a flight that leaves the land usually late at night and touches the destination early in the morning. These flights usually take off after 9 PM and arrive between 3 AM to 5 AM. The term “red-eye flights” suggest that you will be in flight almost throughout the night when you usually sleep.

These types of flights are very suitable for business purposes. You get the full day right from the early morning. These flights usually fly from west to east (e.g. Los Angeles to New York, Los Angeles to Toronto, or Vancouver to Toronto etc.). So, the actual meaning we get from the “red-eye flights” is the ‘red eyes of the sleepless travelers’. You might reach your destination very early in the morning, but you have to cope-up with the sleepless night. If you can do so, there is nothing wrong in taking a night flight. Here are a few more “red-eye flight tips” for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of red-eye flights:

Flying throughout the night is not a bad thing, but if you are properly aware of the pros and cons of these flights, you can make a proper and clear plan. Here we are discussing some pros and cons of night flights.

Pros of red-eye flights:

These flights are usually cheaper: Usually, the red-eye flights are cheaper than the flights at other time of the day. If you don’t have any problem sleeping during a flight, red-eye flight booking is can a good and cheap option.

  • Suitable for business purposes: If you don’t want to lose important hours of your day, night flights should be pretty suitable for you. If you are one of those people who are in flights at least a couple of times in a week, you would want to prefer the red-eye flights. You get to reach your destination early in the morning and your aim of saving some hours can be very much realistic.
  • These flights are usually less crowded: If you want to travel with less crowd, these flights are very suitable for you. You won’t face a lot of crowds not only on flights but on airports as well. It will make your traveling peaceful and comfortable.

Cons of red-eye flights: The sleepless night

There are no such big disadvantages of red-eye flight booking. The biggest and visible disadvantage of taking a flight in the night is you usually get the sleepless nights. Having sleepless night becomes highly possible especially if you end up getting a middle seat. Getting comfortable is only a noticeable challenge during the night flight. Except this, there are no such disadvantages. Considering the benefits of red-eye flights, coping with the sleepless night shouldn’t be a big challenge for you.

How to prepare for a red-eye flight?

It is an important question, and you should find the answer before getting into the flight. Preparing for a night flight is a little bit different than the daytime flight. Here are a few important red-eye flight tips that can make your night journey peaceful and comfortable.

  • Book a window seat: Booking a window seat will help you to be comfortable throughout the night. You won’t be disturbed by the person sitting next to you unless the person is a little nostalgic!
  • Dress comfortably: Don’t wear those tight suits or clothes. Parading through the airport in your fuzzy PJs is not a great option, but being comfortable is a key to a successful and peaceful night journey. Try to wear breathing and loose-fitting fabrics, so that you can travel comfortably.
  • Opt for the later flights: If it is possible in any condition, try to go for it. A flight late in the night will touch your destination a little late in the morning. It will also be helpful for you to feel less tired.

These are some important aspects of red-eye flights. Hopefully, you travel with a more specific and clear mind in the future. There is nothing wrong in taking a night flight especially if you want to save your day. If your question is, “are red-eye flights are safe”, then the answer is a definite yes. Most of the international airports are pretty safe even late in the night.

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