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Given the alarming rate of environmental deterioration around the globe, it is important to go green in all aspects of life, including travel. Traveling in its own way, contributes towards the environment’s health. Carbon emissions, plastic forks, plastic containers, littering, energy consumption, and more are some of the things that tend to impact the environment while you are traveling. So, if you’re thinking of getting those flight tickets for the holidays, let’s pledge to travel green this holiday season. Some of the great ideas that will help you are:

Take minimum air flights and choose an efficient carrier: While you might think that traveling through air does not contribute towards environment pollution – it is an incredibly wrong notion. Air flights release staggering carbon emissions and also the fuel used in flying the aircraft is a contributor to pollution. Hence, it is best to take only needed air flights; this implies that you can opt for direct flights instead of non-stop flights and for traveling to nearby regions from one destination – explore other eco-friendly options. Also, always check with the airline – while booking your flight tickets – about their environmental policies and how they give back to society. Also, many airlines offer customers to buy carbon offsets.

Use reusable or eco-friendly toiletry containers: One thing that we all tend to take along when we travel is travel-size versions of our daily use or preferred toiletries. These travel-size versions one-use plastic and also contribute towards excessive waste; instead, you can opt for toiletries that come in packages and containers which can be reused or remodeled into something useful. Also, travel size versions are priced at a higher cost due to their convenience.

Take your own reusable utensils and cups: While it is best to carry your own food in reusable or recycle containers but if the items are restricted due to airport security, the least travelers can do it to carry their own or reusable cups, water bottles, drinking straws, etc.

Opt for greener ways to commute: As an eco-conscious traveler, try always to choose more eco-friendly commuting options. Be it for traveling in the destination city or to commute to the airport, one should always try to opt for transportation mediums such as metros, trains, electric cars, etc. Also, public transportation mediums can be preferred over private transportation.

Eat Local: One of the best ways to travel green this holiday season is to ensure you eat the local produce of the destination city. This enables you to contribute towards the environment by eating what is available easily rather than making food choices that need to be specifically sourced or have to travel distances. This also helps you explore and learn more about the place.

Pack Light: No matter the baggage limit, pack only what you need while traveling because it contributes towards minimizing carbon emissions, though minimal but still significant. Lesser baggage implies less onboard place and also less space occupied during train and automobile travel. This also helps to eliminate baggage fees and reduce hassle.

Also, on a personal level, you can aim to use less electricity, close taps when not needed, switch of the air conditioning or heating when not required, etc. When each of us tries to do our best here, the environment does become healthier and safer. So, this holiday season, when you’re eyeing those cheap flight tickets, remember to travel green and make this world a better place.

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