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The Ocean film festival in San Francisco, USA is a one of the most popular and reputed film festivals in the world. Started in 2004, the festival screens films based on marine life, ocean, coastal cultures, ocean environment, ocean sports, exploration, innovative ocean protection technology, and more. The festival lasts for about 4 days and creates and exciting atmosphere through its ocean-themed autonomous film screenings. Apart from film screenings, the festival also hosts interactive sessions, panel discussions, and various other competitions. The type of films featured in the festival include short and long films, as well as documentaries, and animated films. The festival is undoubtedly, one of the most awaited events of the year and 5 reasons that suggest you must attend the festival at once are:

Unique festival: This festival is one of its kind and features many independent films ranging from documentaries, short films, long-feature films, narratives, to animated films. The films revolve around the ocean and are screened to spread awareness among people about ocean-related issues and educating them on their social, environmental, and cultural impact. Popular topics involve sharks, whales, surfing, sustainable seafood programs, etc.

More than just screenings: Another great reason to visit the festival is that it not only showcases movies but also allows audiences to participate in various interactive sessions, such as Q&A s, panel discussions, etc. In fact some filmmakers are present in person to discuss the film with the audience, its purpose, etc.

Good cause: The festival is focused to increase awareness amongst people towards their environment, particularly the ocean. Through the medium of films, the festival aims to draw attention and inspire people to improve the deteriorating condition of the oceans. Thus, make your effort count and attend the festival because it is for a good cause and promotes enhanced ocean stewardship.

Educative and Entertaining: The best part about the festival is that it is both educative and entertaining. The set-up of the festival is amazing, apart from screenings and interactive sessions, the festival hosts’ parties, surf programs, and so much more.

Chance to explore San Francisco: You should book your flight tickets for the ocean film festival also because it is hosted in the beautiful city of San Francisco. San Francisco has a bit of everything; it has some amazing food, diverse culture, intriguing art, great fashion, and some breathtaking museums. The city of San Francisco is also loved for its shopping places.

The upcoming 17th International Ocean Film Festival will be hosted from Match 12-15, so delay no more and get ready to be travel with a cause. So, grab those amazing flight deals on AirTkt and head off to have a magical time. But remember to insure your trip through AirTkt’s domestic trip protection program that covers trip cancellation, trip delay, emergency medical expense, baggage delay, and a host of other benefits.

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