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Searching for the cheapest prices when making an online flight booking can be quite challenging, especially with various factors affecting it. No website is consistent with a low or high price, neither do all of them offer the same benefits. Mentioned below are top websites for booking airplane flights at the cheapest prices.


Kayak is a travel search engine, thus making it one of the best places to begin with. Compare prices from many different websites all at one place, so that you know which one is offering you the cheapest airplane flight rates. Also its flexible date tools make it easy for you to find some of the best rates.


An aggressive flight finder since 1990, AirTkt has some of the best flight deals to destinations across the world. It offers really cheap flight tickets with easier than ever booking process, and customer assistance 24*7*365. AirTkt is a one-stop shop for all travel needs – it has all accommodating tour packages, as well as car rental, hotel rental, insurance services at really affordable rates.


Looking for some prediction of a right time to make your online flights bookings? This one is for you. They claim that their app can save you quite some percentage on airplane flights. Scan the prices for the whole month is you have a flexible travel schedule or set up alert to watch the prices for your specific dates.


Skyscanner doesn’t rely on third parties, but searches over 1000+ airlines, booking sites, and travel agencies for the lowest airfare. Search for the calendar view or chart to check the most affordable dates to fly your selected route. Skyscanner also has an explore map feature. You can see which cities are affordable to fly to from your home airport.


Another tried and tested one. A go to source for searching and booking airplane flights. Expedia also offers a reward program where you can earn miles on an airplane flight booked through Expedia. These rewards can also be earned while booking hotels, cars, packages, activities, and cruises.

Google Flights

This is surely the most powerful tool for finding the cheapest flight rates. When you’re exploring this tool, be sure to examine the map search feature, which can show you the least expensive fares to a variety of destinations. However, one of the best features is the embedded price tracker. This appears both on the search results page, allowing you to track overall prices on the route you’re searching.

So if you are looking at minimising the costs of your airplane flights, try making your online flight booking from the best of the bunch for some of the cheapest flight tickets.

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