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The land of Cleopatra and so many more pharos who made it to the history of the world. Egypt has the most distinguished ancient civilization and now makes for a popular tourist destination. This charm and the grandeur of this once golden city will leave you captivated and awestruck. Book a flight for you and your family to explore this place. Here are a few things that you can do in Egypt.

Traditional meals

Egypt offers a variety of traditional and scrumptious meals. The essentials include fava beans cooked into different dishes, eggs-fried and boiled, cheese served with tomatoes, green bell peppers, their traditional baladi bread, kushari (prepared with lentils, chickpeas, and macaroni). All these dishes are making our mouths water. They are not just delicious but also gives the energy to go on throughout the day.

Camel ride

When we think about Egypt the things that come to our mind are pyramids and people riding camels. It should be on your to do list to go humpback riding once.

Souqs shopping

Local and traditional bazaars are a famous attraction for souvenir shopping. It showcases the Egyptian culture through a variety of ancient and modern pieces. The displays are so aphrodisiac that you will want to take it all home.

Dune surfing

You must have heard about water surfing, but have you ever heard about sandboarding. Egypt and its sand dunes make for an adventurous experience of dune surfing. The Great Sand Sea is the world’s best for sandboarding. Book your flight tickets well in advance to avail the best flight deals.

Thirst Quencher

 When the scorching heat gets too hot to handle the juice of sugarcane acts as a savior; the drink in Egyptian is called Asab al Sokar.

Pharaonic Remains

  The remains of the statues, temples and pharaonic sites are seen in the city of Luxor and Aswan. The tourists are welcome to take a glance at the grandeur which is now in its crumbling form.

Nile Cruise

 The life in Egypt prospered because of the river Nile. You get an opportunity to take a cruise of the river.

Tour of Cairo

 The Islamic city was nicknamed the city of a thousand minarets as it flaunts numerous mosques. Every mosque was built under the era of a different ruler and has a structural uniqueness of its own. No two mosques are the same.

Deep-Sea Diving

 No one would have imagined that one can go deep-sea diving in Egypt. The Red Sea flaunts mesmerizing sea creatures and the ecosystem is a gem of the underwater.

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