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To travel is to let life touch your soul. One thing that makes travel even more worthy is the local cuisines of different areas. You just cannot escape trying new dishes and experiencing the varied food recipes. Hence, if you have a trip to Latin America pending, then make your taste buds ready to savor some of the world’s best dishes. You can book your cheap tickets on AirTkt and take along this list of 7 traditional dishes you need to try while visiting Latin America.

Feijoada, Brazil

A national dish of Brazil, this one will blow your mind. This deliciously heavy meal is a mix of spicy, black bean stew cooked with meat – pork and/or beef – and served with vegetables, rice, or varied sausages. The best place to eat this would be Casa da Feijoada in Rio de Janeiro. If you happen to still have appetite, try Brazil’s national cocktail – Caipirinha, which is basically sugarcane brandy mixed with ice, sugar, and lime.

Empanadas, Everywhere

This baked or fried bread/pastry will make your mouth water. Stuffed with meat, cheese, corn smut, and vegetables/fruits or anything you desire, this popular traditional dish is not like anything you’ve ever experienced before. This irresistible snack is available in both savory and sweet tastes across Latin America.

Arepa, Northern Tip of South America

Originating from the northern region of South America, this notable cuisine of Colombia and Venezuela is something you cannot skip. Arepas are traditional fried, baked or grilled, small corn flour cakes with an assortment of fillings that will melt your heart. The dish is served alongside cheese, fermented milk, meats, chicken, avocado, and diablito.

Cuy, Peru

Cuy is not for a feint heart. The pricy delicacy is adventurous, exotic, and weird but supremely appetizing and enriched with proteins. It is served either baked or fried, stuffed with herbs baked over a spit, to be devoured as a whole. A place where you must try this is La Cusqueñita, Central Cusco.

Pabellon Criollo, Venezuela

This traditional Venezuelan dish is found throughout the Caribbean. This plate is a luscious combination of rice and stewed black beans, accompanied by tender slices of flank steak, cooked with tomatoes and served in a way to represent the Venezuelan tri-color flag. The dish can also be made with fish instead of meat. Best place to eat this is La Cocina de Francy, La Candelaria, Caracas.

Ceviche, Coast or Caribbean

A popular traditional seafood dish made from fresh raw fish cured in lime or bitter orange, spiced with chili peppers, and topped with chopped onions, salt, and cilantro. It is accompanied by sides such as sweet potato, lettuce, corn, avocado or plantain. The fish is to be prepared and consumed fresh. Though the delicacy is found across Latin America but we suggest you try La Mar, Chez Wong in Lima, Peru, to taste the best.

Curanto, Chile

Comprising of seafood (typically shellfish), meat, potatoes (potato pancakes and dumplings), and other vegetables, this traditional dish is prepared by digging a hole in the ground, covered with stones that are heated until red. The dish is cooked for an hour by combining certain quantity of each ingredient, covered in Chilean rhubarb/fig/white cabbage leaves, wet sacks, dirt, and grass chunks.


If this caused your belly to stir with hunger, then you must hurry and book your tickets on AirTkt to any of these places and must try their incredible traditional delicacy.

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