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As any parent would justify – life completely changes post kids. One of such things that really change is the way you travel – it has to be more accurately planned and exhaustively packed. More so, for young parents traveling with kids can be daunting. While the idea might be overwhelming, there are many benefits to family travel. AirTkt has some tips that will make traveling with kids, a breeze and help you create a lifetime of memories.

Plan and Book Wisely: Choose a destination and a time that suits the kids such as avoid traveling in extreme weather conditions, pick destinations that have retreats for the kids, are not really far, etc. When making a flight booking, apart from cheap plane tickets focus on evening flights, comfort and services, entertainment for kids, closer-to-home/hotel airports, layover flights, etc. Ensure flight prices cover baggage. AirTkt has some amazing flight deals that can make travel budget and children friendly.

Choose wisely between a Hotel and Vacation Rental: Evaluate the comfort of a hotelwith room service, meals, baby-sitting services, entertainments, etc. or a vacation rental with plenty of room to play, cook food in case your child has special dietary requirements.

Get All Documents Ready and Vaccinations Done: Arrange for all necessary documents and IDs required to travel. Also, get any medical clearances, approvals, and vaccinations done for your child before taking the flight.

Start Packing a Week Before: No matter how small a vacation it is, packing in advance always helps. Pack all necessities including regular diapers, toys, picture books, clothes, footwear, feeding material, and bath and body essentials. Always stock for emergencies and keep permitted medicines, first-aid-kit, and bug sprays. When booking flight tickets, check for permissible items to carry such as travel cot, car seats, stroller, carriage, etc.

Manage & Adjust Your Itinerary: Twist your itinerary to include spots that indulge your kids such as water parks, adventure sports, theme parks, nature walks, outdoor games, picnics, etc. Make sure you participate in these activities with your kids and make them more fun. Pre-book all transfers to avoid last minute hassles and discomfort.

Tag and track them: Tag your child by writing your name, phone number, and address on their arm. You can also attach a GPS tracking device to your child’s wrist or bag, and track them via the app.

Be Attentive Towards their Needs and Actions: Give the required attention to your kid while you are traveling. Do not get overwhelmed in the vacation and ensure they feel secure and loved. Also, while on the holiday, keep an alert eye to avoid any accidents, injuries or mishaps.

Check-in Online:  When traveling with kids, always opt for a web check-in to evade waiting time at the airport. Posts checking in online, you can directly drop your bags for checking and get through the security.

Overall, traveling with kids can be fun if you follow these tips and think of the trip as an adventure. Keep calm and have a good time.

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