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Air travel tips for senior citizens

Senior travel tips      Image source : world-first Baby boomers are on the roll. They no longer want to stay local and are now wanting to see the world and experience things different. They are impatient to ...

Student Travel Tips

Lately, student travel is becoming more frequent and popular. Sometimes these excursions are educational and sometimes they are planned as a holiday trip. Either way the students obtain the advantage of getting...
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Top 10 Airplane Etiquette Rules

How to behave on a Flight: Top 10 Flight etiquette  Travelingin an aircraft is exciting experience in itself. Whether it's a short haul or a long haul flight, it does not matter, but certain decorum has to be m...
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Best Beaches in the United States

Top 10 Beaches in USA Diving, swimming and surfing what will you expect more on the beach but relax! These beaches have more than your expectations. Cold and refreshing breeze, crystal clear and calm, turquois...
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