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For domestic travel and flight booking, infants below the age of 24 months can travel without any charge. Most of the airlines charge for infants above 24 months of age, however, different airlines differ in their policies. Let us find out the policies for the most common and renowned airlines and their plane ticket & flight booking policies for infants.

When it comes to flight ticket for infants, parents of children who are aged 24 months, have to pay almost 10% of the adult fare. Moreover, they also have to pay taxes, if the baby is sitting on the lap either of the parents or elders.

Indigo Airlines
Indigo has different policies for babies and adults. As per their rules, parents whose children who are aged 2 years, are charged with 525 $ along with government charges of 225 $. Indigo has kept a charge for infants and does not allows them to travel for free of cost. For Indigo everything has a price.

Jet Airways
One of the oldest commercial airlines company charges 10% of the basic fare for tickets of economy class. For First class and business class, infants are charged up to 20% of the fare. However, there is a provision to book an additional seat for your kid with a 25% discount on child fare.

Spice Jet
For this commercially successful airline, children below the age of 24 months will be able to board the flight with a fee of 525 $ along with 225 $ government charges. Moreover, they always charge infant fee per sector and depend on the route.

One of the famous airlines for international flights, Emirates offers discounts on the adult fare if the baby or infant is sitting on the lap of his/her parents and travelling. For any other assistance, you can call and know more about their policies.

British Airways
In cases of domestic travel flight booking, children can sit on parents lap or in the bassinet, they can fly on a discounted rate. For International flights, the allowances remain the same along with the fare. For any other query, you can read other policies over the internet.

As a matter of fact, infants below the age of 2 years are treated as kids without any payment, but then some airlines charge flight tickets as per government charges and other charges. Some have the provision to have the half price of the adult fare. Others offer discounts abut charges tax.

Infant’s ticket charges are a matter of concern, many airlines have their own policies as you have seen and they stick to that. If you want to book cheap flights, then make sure you go through all the terms and policies before you travel with your kid. At times, tickets might have a soaring fare but it is always advisable to make a wise decision before you travel any flight ticket when you have an infant with you.

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