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Traveling in an aircraft is exciting experience in itself. Whether it’s a short-haul or a long haul flight, it does not matter, but certain decorum has to be maintained. After all there are others using the same facility to go somewhere


Once you enter the airport the whole atmosphere will change you. It’s an area where people have converged for one thing only, and that is, to board the plane and fly out. For them the world opens out from here, into the skies and beyond. Being in hurry many travelers forget the do’s and don’ts in-flight and even sometimes forget how to behave with other co-travelers. We are presenting to you a quick list of some basic etiquette a traveler must maintain while on board. Rude behavior, impolite language and inappropriate manners in fellow passengers are at times quite manifest.

Being sloppily dressed, wearing strong perfumes or carrying food having a strong odor or talking loudly are some of the irritants that one can without. So it becomes most essential that this mode of travel be a comfortable and satisfying experience. To achieve this it becomes imperative that one follows a certain code of conduct. It does not have to be of military like discipline and precision but it should be there with just the basics in mind.

  1. Don’t rush when you board

For starters, when one is boarding the flight, there is no necessity for rushing to locate your seat. The seat is not going anywhere especially when it has been allocated and its number printed on the boarding card. No need to jostle anyone around and step on their toes. Maintain the queue.

  1. Keep your baggage at the right place

Please ensure that when you find the seat, use the overhead cabin above your seat, I repeat above your seat, to place your hand baggage. I say this because there are some who like to place it in overhead cabins ahead or across the aisle on the opposite side so that they can keep an eye on their precious bag. This placement not only creates confusion for others but also hinders free movement down the aisle as your activity tends to block the way.


  1. Don’t let your children scamper here and there

If children are travelling with you please ensure that they do not become a nuisance value by throwing things around, kicking the seat in front of them, shouting and screaming or running up and down the aisle. Counsel them in advance and carry some fun games or reading material to keep them ideally occupied. After all, other travelers would want some peace and tranquility in the atmosphere.

  1. Seat Reclining

Once you are settled, you can relax and recline your seat for a comfortable posture. But wait here, please do not, yes do not, recline with a jerk or a suddenness which may unbalance things that may have placed on the tray behind your seat. The poor passenger sitting behind you would bear the brunt of it. In fact, it’s always polite to warn the person behind you of your intentions so that both of you could be comfortably placed. Otherwise if you reclined back too far you would probably be looking up his nose!!

Some parents say the hardest part of flying with young kids on an airplane is dealing with unpredictable kids and adult passengers.

Some parents say the hardest part of flying with young kids on an airplane is dealing with unpredictable kids and adult passengers.

  1. Give space to others as well.

Some planes don’t have much space so it’s advisable that you think of others and try and place your belongings under the seat in front of you.

  1. Keep your  music down

While you are reclining you might be rudely awakened from your reverie by some loud music emanating from the headphones of your next seat neighbor. Of course, he doesn’t realize it but this is another habit that causes a lot of disturbance to other fellow travelers. He should be told politely to reduce the volume but if he is insistent on ignoring the request, assistance from the flight attendants should be sought.

  1. Be polite with Flight attendants

And when you do call for the attendant please press the button that is placed on armrest or sometimes under the overhead bin. Do not shout across or snap your fingers at them–it’s an absolute no-no. Their job is to look after your comfort and to make your flight experience as satisfying as possible but not be at your beck and call. Politeness is the key to congeniality.

  1. Look at your Attitude

Attitude counts a lot. Courteous behavior towards the attendants and also your co-travelers adds to the pleasantness of your trip. Give your neighbors space. If perchance you have a window seat, please don’t use the window shade as you private property. Use it in a judicious manner so that the people sitting on the next two seats are not disturbed by an indiscriminate use of the shade being pulled or down at your whims.

  1. Let the middle seat passenger use the Armrest

Allow the middle seat person the use of the armrest next to you as he has already been squeezed in from both sides!!

  1. Help others when exiting

Take your luggage from overhead compartment carefully. Let others exit disembark the plane first. Wait for your turn, be polite and move quickly. Give a hand to anyone having a problem in extricating their baggage from the overhead bin.

Such basics go a long way in creating an enjoyable and pleasurable ambiance and make travelling in the skies a gratifying experience.

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