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Lately, student travel is becoming more frequent and popular. Sometimes these excursions are educational and sometimes they are planned as a holiday trip. Either way the students obtain the advantage of getting a change from their daily routine besides adding to their gamut of knowledge the observations made on the trips. The travel community further lends a hand by encouraging these jaunts in the shape of attractive discounts and packages. If you are a student then you should be aware of the following in order to derive the maximum for your travel:

  1. Get Discounts on Airfare

Students individually get discounts but as a group the incentives get better . So if you are a student and traveling, domestic or international, its best if you can get yourself included in a group in order to accrue the advantages available for group travel. You, therefore, need to get in touch with a travel agent who would be in a position to give you information on the best deals in the market and accordingly you could include yourself in the one most suitable to you.

Student Travel Deals on

  • Remember that for group travel there is no better guide than a travel agent because organizing such trips is his daily bread and butter.
  1. Documentations and Ticketing                                                                    

Having made the decision with your travel agent the next best step would be to authorize him to handle your documentation and ticketing without which you cannot make any headway. It’s his duty to update you on all information related to your travel. It’s nothing extraneous if you too, on your own volition and as an added precaution, try and ferret out information related to your trip from other sources.

  1. Arrival and Departure at the airport

Having procured your ticket and being armed with all the information you could gather about your destination, on D-day your arrival to the airport should be well in time, generally 3 hours before departure time or as per instructions of your agent. If you have enlisted with a group then this is where the group gathers and for group check-in there is invariably a dedicated counter, depending on the size of the group.

  • You must coordinate with the group leader so that check-in, boarding and seating is a smooth process.
  1. Security

After check-in proceed towards the security zone as you need to screen for any unwanted items on you or your handbag. There should be no restricted item in your possession as the TSA is very tough on the rules. The lists of such items are displayed prominently at airports, on the internet and also available with the travel agents.

  1. Inside the flight

After boarding you will be guided by the in-flight attendants to your designated seat displayed on your boarding card. You must seat yourself there and place your hand baggage in the overhead bin above your seat. In case the bin is full you can take the assistance of the flight attendant for an alternate space.

Once inside the flight you must remain polite and considerate to your fellow passengers and the flight attendants. Listen to the in-flight announcements carefully and follow instructions. Talking loudly or turning on your headphone speakers or eating noisily are aspects that are frowned upon.

  • Keeping the toilets clean is most welcome as almost all passengers would need to go there at one time or the other.
  1. Airport Arrival

When the plane has landed and is parked for disembarking do not rush to the exit but rather let those in front walk ahead of you first and then you follow. You have to proceed to the arrival hall where you can collect your baggage from the carousal. At the exit you need to take your mode of transport to your hotel or wherever you are booked to stay. Prefer to take public transport to your place of abode for safety reasons.

  • If you are with a group you must gather and allow your group leader to guide you to a coach that would have been arranged to transport you to your hotel.
  1. Arriving at Hotel

Try and reach your resting place during daytime so that you can familiarize with the neighborhood and know the what, where and how’s of the place. But if with a group, on reaching the hotel, before you proceed to your room, the group leader would give you a brief on your schedule and the do’s and don’ts during your sojourn in the city. You need to listen carefully as the reputation of the group depends on its ability to adjust and not contravene any rule or regulation of the destination.

On your outings avoid wearing or displaying any flashy or expensive stuff as it attracts the attention of the criminal elements.

  • Keep your extra money hidden in your money belt or in kept in a hotel safe. Abide by the local codes and avoid the trouble spots.

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