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Over the years, the world has witness several significant pandemics such as Black Death, Spanish Flu, SARS, Swine Flu and the latest to join is COVID-19. What makes a pandemic so dangerous is the fact that there is a community transmission of the disease, which puts plenty of lives at stake and creates panic all over. Normally, to deal with such tough scenarios, the immediate step taken is to quarantine the virus-infected person and stop it from spreading. You have got to put those travel plans to rest if you had planned your vacay. However, sometimes there is no choice but to travel, especially when there are emergencies. If you land up in such a situation, here’s what you need to do:

Avoid traveling to the worst hit countries

Though a pandemic engulfs the entire world in its clutches (that is why the name pandemic), still there are certain regions, which are the worst affected or the epicenter of the disease. So, the foremost rule is to avoid traveling to such a place. In case, there is an emergency, kindly check if the flights bookings or visa applications are still open. That’s because countries, which are epicenters, usually shut their borders and cancel all travel plans to deal with the situation on the ground.

Follow the guidelines

Every country would issue certain guidelines that have to be followed religiously by every foreign passenger. So, you must cooperate with the airport staff and the local health departments if you are already in the middle of a pandemic. Don’t get into any sorts of arguments with them.


During a viral pandemic, the authorities should scan all passengers coming from different countries at the airport either at departure or arrival. Get yourself checked properly if you are showing symptoms of the disease and remain in quarantine mode for a few days if possible. This can be from 24 hours to up to a few days. Again check with the relevant local authorities but for god’s sake, don’t step as you may put other lives at stake.

Back to basics

Remember, how in our school days, we learnt about the importance of maintaining personal hygiene at every stage. Sadly, most of us neglect it because of our choc-a-bloc work schedule. So, it is advisable to maintain personal hygiene. Carry hand sanitizers, face masks for covering your mouth if you have a mild viral infection, wash your hands properly with soap and water,  used tissues properly, and avoid shaking hands or hugs.

Stay positive

This is very important. You can fight any situation by staying positive. But that doesn’t mean being complacent. Always remain vigilant, informed and tackle the situation smartly and bravely. So stay safe. Stay strong.

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