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Stuck at the airport and experiencing severe hunger pangs? Delayed air flight and growling stomach? Long-hauls and food cravings? Well, one completely uncontrollable thing is hunger. Food is a necessity and also a love for many. Foodies live for food and can die for it too (not literally though!). And when you are at the airport and hunger strikes, you must know what to do and where to eat to satisfy those salivating taste buds. Here is AirTkt’s list of 10 best airports for foodies.


Hong Kong International Airport

No matter if you want authentic street food, fine dining or a budget food joint, Hong Kong International Airport has it all for you. The airport has all categories of food joints including Asian restaurants, Bakery, Western Restaurants, Bars & Coffee Shops, Dessert, Fast Food & Food Courts, Vegetarian Choices, and Chinese Restaurants & Hong Kong Style Coffee Shops. The third busiest airport in the world has won many awards in this category.


Singapore Changi International Airport

The world’s best airport has more than 213 dining options for you to choose from that include huge rows of street food stalls that serve some of the most amazing dishes you will ever eat including fish-head curry, spiced pork-rib, etc.


Seoul-Incheon International Airport

Apart from the superior extra services – including a spa, casino, golf course, etc. – which the Seoul Airport offers to the passengers, its dining experiences are worth a mention. The highlight here is the ‘Bon Bibimbap’ which is known for its spicy Korean dish that includes rice with mixed vegetables along with seafood, beef or chicken.


Tokyo Narita International Airport

Loved by everyone for its Japanese food variety – including yakitori, sushi, udon, etc. – the Tokyo Narita Airport is one of the best airports in terms of authentic food. In spite of being less famous than Japan’s Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport, Narita Airport is still ranked number one per food.


Taoyuan International Airport

Though the airport has limited food options, the quality of food, the service, and the price will make you drool over this. The airport has a lot of local Taiwanese dishes such as bubble tea and handmade noodles, which are tasty, readily available, and cheap. It also offers a variety of Chinese food.


Munich Airport

Everything fancy, high-quality, amazingly delicious is what the Munich Airport dining experience can be summed as. Filled with breweries, authentic Bavarian delicacies, and some live music – the Munich Airport is heaven for a passenger with no budget constraints.


Hamad-Doha International Airport

Along with being one of the most preferred airports for shopping, this airport also has a variety of dining options including gourmet, as well as grab-and-go food items. The airport has all have multiple cuisines including Indian, Arabic, Italian, etc.


Vienna International Airport

For those who have a sweet-tooth, the Vienna Airport sure is their desire come true because it hosts a lot of cafes and restaurants that have mouth-watering tortes, cakes, strudels, and amazing coffee all of this at reasonable prices.


London Heathrow Airport

The second-busiest airport in the world has some of the top-rated food quality and restaurants including some owned by celebrity chefs. The airport has fancy dining, international cuisines, but is quite expensive for an average traveler’s budget.


 Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport

The airport has fine dining, medium-range, as well as budgeted food options to suit the needs of all travelers; however, the quality of food throughout is pretty average in comparison to other airports.


So, next time you are stuck and need to eat at the airport, you know what to do. Bon Appétit!


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