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Searching for flight tickets for your next travel and astounded by the flight prices? Well, there is something you can obviously do to bring them down and we will tell you how. These 5 ways to cut travel costs by $50 to $400 and more will help you trim those high flight ticket prices.

Save on bags

Most airlines offer free carry-on bags but charge about $50 for check-in baggage. You can pack light and ensure you fit all essentials in a carry-on bag within the weight limits and save on the check-in baggage cost. Also, you could book flight tickets with airlines such as Southwest that offers two free check-in bags.

Fly on Cheap Days

Studies have shown that flight tickets on certain days are more expensive than the others and the difference could be more than $75. Hence, it is better to choose days on which flight tickets are cheaper such as Tuesdays or Wednesdays which are comparatively quieter than Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays when airfares are high. Choose to fly out on the day of the holiday, when most people have already left. Prepare for red-eye flights, that have fewer people competing over the seats since there are night or early morning flights.

Compare Flight Prices and book within the ‘Prime Window’

Compare flight prices and do not blindly book the first flight ticket that pops up your search results; compare flight prices that maybe not the cheapest but have better service coverage, baggage inclusion, etc. Also, set up price alerts and analyze highs/lows before booking. Roughly, a compared flight ticket booking can save you more than $100.

Also, monitored advance flight booking guarantees cheap airfares. So, book your domestic flights 70-80 days and international air tickets 60 days before departure.

Choose Alternative Airports

Be flexible with the airport you are flying from. Choose to fly from airports that are less popular and hence have lower airfare. You can save approximately $150-$200 by choosing to book flight tickets from a cheaper airport. Consider the distance to the airport, and the to-fro transportation as well.

Check for Layover Flights and Sign up for Price Alerts

A direct flight ticket is any day more expensive than a layover flight. Choose a layover flight if there is no rush and save $400 or more. Sign up for price alerts and be the first to know about dropping airfares and great flight deals.

Trust us, and apply these 5 useful tricks to cut your travel costs by $50 to $400 or more.

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