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We all know how terribly sad our pets feel if we are traveling, leaving them behind. But traveling with pets is not so easy, unless few things are taken care of. Mostly all airlines allow for easy transit of pets (cabin or separately) on domestic flights, as well as international flights. While each airline has different transit guidelines depending on the type of creature, size, etc., in most cases, traveling with pets does not need to be stressful if you plan with care. AirKit has some great travel tips that will ensure your journey is hassle-free and your pet is transported comfortably.

  1. Book flight tickets in advance: Most of us wait for plane ticket prices to drop to book cheap flight tickets, which might be the best thing to do when traveling alone. But if you plan to take your pet along, waiting for cheap airfare might not work. Most airlines have a seat capacity for pets allotted on a first-come-first-serve basis, thus booking in advance ensures a confirmed seat on the plane.
  2. Get an ID and a carrier for your Pet: Make your pet wear an ID that has your name, contact number, and address. Also, the pet must have a customized comfortable carrier with its most loved bedding and food. Also, please check with airlines for the size of the carrier, in some cases airlines might provide for their own pet carriers.
  3. Check for the pet services provided by the airline: If you do this well, you can be assured of your pet’s ease. While flight booking, check with the airline for the pet services available such as meals, feeding intervals and staff, and sanitary care. Additionally, confirm the temperature of the aircraft to ensure it suits the pet.
  4. Carry all medical records and reports: It is fundamental to carry all medical records, documents, and reports such as vaccination details, special dietary requirements, allergies, etc. Also, it is best to check with the airline for any particular medical reports or clearances required.
  5. Plan for the journey: Be it a short or a long journey, proper planning is vital. You must source all the necessary items such as pet food, bedding, leash, harness, and feeding and water bowls. It is also advisable that you carry along some toys and a blanket that your pet regularly plays with/uses. This helps the pet feel secure in the new environment.
  6. Get your pet used to the new place: You can make the pet accustomed to the new place by checking in a little early and spending some time with your pet in the new area, after which leaving him alone shouldn’t be a problem.

Apart from the above, you must warrant that your pet is clean, healthy, disease-free, and vaccinated. Also, the pet must be able to endure the journey – long or short. A complete check of the pointers is an assurance of a comfortable and stress-free travel for you and your beloved pet.

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