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If stunning, alluring, and glorious had a face, it would definitely be Antarctic. Nothing beats the spectacular huge white wilderness swarming with snow, ice, water, and mighty rocks. With its phenomenal topography, beautiful and diverse wildlife, there is nothing that compares to this. Oh! Really, if you haven’t seen the Antarctic, you really are missing out on the best. And we sure do not want you to do that, so book flight tickets to the Antarctic and head out to experience something that will blow your mind.

And before you ask what is there to do in Antarctica, read our adventure guide to know it all.

Camp under the Stars

Imagine sleeping in bivy sacks and high-quality sleeping bags amidst freezing weather and admiring the beauty of the infinite, clear sky and the beautiful stars that shine in zero pollution. The view of sleeping under the stars and waking up with the first rays of the sun in a place as pure as the Antarctic, trust us the image will be etched in your mind forever.

Take the Polar Plunge

Ever thought of taking a plunge into icy cold water and loving every bit of it? Well, it is more fun than it sounds. In Deception Island, Antarctic you can jump off the boat or do a sprint in freezing cold water and be as close to life as it gets. Believe us the pain is hardly for a minute, but the joy is forever, plus you get warm blankets, extra love, and of course hot chocolate!

Climb Mount Vinson

Mount Vinson is the tallest mountain in Antarctic and also makes for a great adventure. Climb this mountain and experience the sheer thrill and joy of conquering 4897m. The mountain is also one of world’s seven highest summits and thus, makes up for a great bragging talk for a mountaineer.

Kayaking With Whales

You might have done kayaking but never in this style amongst huge icebergs, freezing calm waters, tall glaciers, and the extraordinarily rich marine life including the spectacular whales. You could spend hours paddling here just be swarmed by the scenic beauty of the landscape.

Hanging Out With Penguins

Oh, don’t we all love Penguins? When in the Antarctic hanging out with Penguins becomes mandatory. You will spot penguins everywhere and every time you see them, you will be awed and mesmerized. These friendly birds will approach you if you just be a little patient.

Sounds fun right? It is really so much fun and adventurous that you might never want to return from the Antarctic. So, we advise you to book your flight tickets after considerable thought.

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