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Everyone has a favorite band. Some have little music crushes, and some are cult-like followers. This one’s a shout out to all those fans, cheers to your love for music! From dreadlocked to a gaggle of hippies to the newly turned fanbase, rounding up for you by AirTkt are the top tips on how to follow your international favorite band.

Follow, follow, and follow

Make sure you follow them everywhere, starting from YouTube, the band’s website along with all social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Keep yourself updated

Know there schedule constantly. Make sure you know about their whereabouts, the shows they are going to perform. Keep an eye on absolutely anything and everything you can get hold of, from the smallest gossip to the biggest news!

Get their merchandise

Stock up their merchandise. Well, you can’t disagree that it’s a lot of fun. From your band’s t-shirts to postcards to key chains! No matter how many you have them, you always want some more; it all just makes you feel closer to the band for some reason.

Follow them internationally

Set up your budget- Once you know the venue of the show you can possibly attend, plan up a budget for your trip. You don’t want to be breaking your bank when you don’t even have enough left for the rainy days. From hotel to flight bookings and various miscellaneous expenditures – budget well. We advise you to keep a hawk’s eye on plane tickets and pounce on an attractive price.

Book the tickets

As soon as the concert tickets are out, just book them! You really don’t want them to get sold out. Also, the early bird flight tickets are always way cheaper than those freakishly expensive ones bought at the last minute. Make sure you also make the online flight booking as early as possible to get the discounted airfare.

Book your transport

Know your means of travel beforehand. You do not want to be stranded in a strange city not knowing how to reach to the concert. Also, if you are planning to follow them around for their tour, have an itinerary ready beforehand with all travel bookings.

Pack light

Planning a tour for a couple of weeks? Travel light! Until and unless you have your own car driving you around, we suggest carrying nothing more than a carry-on bag.

Carry your camera

An absolute must! Traveling around all the way but not being able to capture those beautiful memories with your favorite band can be quite depressing.

Whether it’s your love for the band’s quirk or the classics, try these tips by AirTkt to get into the favorite bandwagon and grab those cheap plane tickets.

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