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  1. Guelaguetza: This Koreatown favorite is a temple to Oaxacan cuisine, known for its mole sauces and tlayudas. The restaurant has received numerous accolades and is a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the rich flavors of Oaxaca​.
  2. Sonoratown: Located in Downtown LA, Sonoratown specializes in Sonoran-style tacos and burritos. Their chivichangas and fresh flour tortillas made with imported Sonoran flour are particularly noteworthy​.
  3. Guerrilla Tacos: Initially a food truck, now a brick-and-mortar restaurant, Guerrilla Tacos in the Arts District serves creative, seasonal tacos that blend Mexican traditions with California cuisine. Their sweet potato tacos and various seafood options are highly recommended​.
  4. Mariscos Jalisco: Famous for its fried shrimp tacos, Mariscos Jalisco is a staple in East LA. This casual spot is perfect for seafood lovers looking for authentic Mexican mariscos​​.
  5. Coni’Seafood: Located in Inglewood, Coni’Seafood is known for its Mexican seafood dishes like ceviche and aguachile. The grilled snook and marlin tacos are standout items on the menu
  6. La Casita Mexicana: In Bell, this restaurant offers a wide range of traditional Mexican dishes with a focus on Puebla cuisine. Their chile en nogada, a roasted poblano pepper stuffed with beef, fruits, and nuts, topped with pecan cream sauce, is a must-try.
  7. Ceviche Project: This Silver Lake eatery transforms the traditional Latin American dish of ceviche into a culinary art form. The kanpachi tostada and other fresh seafood dishes are favorites​ (Family Destinations Guide)​​.Ka’Teen: Located in Hollywood, Ka’Teen features a fusion of LA and Yucatán flavors. Chef Wes Avila’s cochinita pibil, a slow-cooked pork dish, is highly praised​​.
  8. Aqui es Texcoco: Specializing in lamb barbacoa, Aqui es Texcoco in Commerce offers a rustic, no-frills dining experience with a focus on traditional Mexican barbecue dishes. Their lamb broth consomé is particularly noteworthy​.
  9. Playita Mariscos: Situated on Sunset Blvd, this cozy spot serves exceptional mariscos, including aguachile and ceviche. The fresh, flavorful dishes make it a top choice for seafood enthusiasts​

These restaurants showcase the incredible diversity and depth of Mexican cuisine available in Los Angeles, making the city a paradise for food lovers

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