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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because no day that starts with delicious food can end badly. Miss your breakfast and the whole day is spoiled. And especially if you are on a holiday, breakfast seems like an exciting thing to begin your day with. True story, Right? So, if you’ve booked your flight tickets for Newcastle, do stop by these places for a wholesome and scrumptious breakfast.

  1. Knights by the burn coffee house: Cute, cozy coffee place in the heart of Newburn will make your morning a delightful one. The place serves home-cooked breakfast perfected with love. Do relish their dry cakes with creamy coffee amidst the super friendly vibe.
  2. Aidan’s Kitchen: Undoubtedly, the yummiest coffee you’ll ever taste. And that’s what you need for a good breakfast, right? You can be sure of a great breakfast with locally roasted coffee and a wide array of teas. There is also an amazing brunch for the late risers! A beautiful amalgamation of a hippie vibe and chic décor – this place will have your heart. Make sure to book a table, especially if visiting over the weekend.
  3. Monsieur Crepe Café: If you a fan of traditional breakfast, you absolutely cannot skip this one. Their classic French crepes, freshly cooked and filled with mouth-watering gorgeousness are to die for. This stunning, little place also has authentic crêpes and galettes with a host of choice of fillings, as well as drinks and desserts. You could choose to meet some friends here or maybe just sit by for a quiet treat with yourself.
  4. The Staiths Cafe Bar: This cafe bar located right next to the striking historic Staiths Structure on the River Tyne is a wonderful place to spend your morning at. They have delicious food and some great desserts. Moreover, if you plan to visit on Saturday, you can attend their Saturday Night pop up a program that will have a variety of street food and amazing live music. To top it all, this place is extremely budget-friendly and also offers great views, especially the outdoor tables overlooking the river.
  5. Thyme Square Café: Have a thing for eating only fresh produce? Well, do visit this cafe for breakfast or even lunch, if you like. Their range of food is huge and all of it is made from fresh produce. They have something for everyone – no matter you are a vegan, vegetarian or a full meat eater, they have you covered. The portion sizes are also accurately filling and provide great value for money.

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