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If you are a passionate traveler, nothing must stop you from doing so. Exploring new places keeps you going. But there is a big constraint that might dampen your spirit, and that is sky-rocketing air ticket prices, right? Money is one major baseline, which can ruin your vacay. But let’s not jump to conclusions as here are some of the best travel hacks to get you the best travel deals before departure.

Book early

It may sound clichéd but it’s tried and tested a gazillion times.  Early bookings are the key to keep your mind and pockets stress-free. Also, booking early has some major pros. One, you get to book your preferred seat. Two, you save on time, and last but not the least, you don’t lose sleep over booking flight tickets.

Use Incognito mode

Ever wondered why a travel website shows you fluctuating prices? Here’s some insider info. These portals capture cookies of info on your browser including your server details. So, the moment you visit the same website again, the algorithms of these websites know that you are looking desperately for tickets so the price shoots up. How to fix this? Simple, use private browsing mode or the Incognito mode in any browser so you can cover your tracks and be smarter than these travel portals.

Compare the fare

While comparisons are not good in real life, they are excellent when checking your vacay plans. So, next time before you click book now, don’t forget to compare the prices with other websites. Another tip, avoid selecting a particular date of your departure. Instead, select the entire month to know which is the cheapest day and time to fly.

Flexible is likeable

You love people who are flexible so why not love flexible travel schedules. Agreed, you have a particular day or time, but as they keep your options open. If you can afford to travel on weekdays, odd-hours or try to manage red-eye flights, please be open to do that. We agree that this can tire you, but hey you’ll feel lighter when you know that you have saved some bucks, right?

Looking for the ultimate hack?

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