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There’s no doubt that all of us need a holiday but not all of us can afford it. Though, a few easy tips can get you to your dream destination. Here are the baby steps that you need to make to save money for your international trip.

 Start a savings fund

 You will save or spend money in a flash for an iPhone but when it comes to travel, it’s all ad-hoc and unplanned. Why don’t you save a small amount for the next 11 months and travel in the 12th month?

Get a credit or debit card with no foreign transaction fee

ATM withdrawals and shopping abroad with your card can burn a hole in your pocket. That’s why you need a credit or credit card without no transaction fee so that you can swipe with ease.

Don’t use the airport money exchanges

 Airport money exchange is simply a ripoff. They offer you the worst exchange rates. So, carry enough cash before you leave especially if you have layovers at various destinations.

The airport lounge is a great place to unwind

 Enrol for an airport lounge program if you love travelling because you might end up on saving a lot on food and drinks at those not-so-edible food courts and counters.

Carry an arsenal of snacks

 The food at the airport is usually a double whammy. That’s because it’s not worth the price. Instead, carry a bunch of comfort foods, which you can eat on the run.

Get an international data and calling plan

 Life is impossible without a phone these days but at the same time, you can’t keep paying a fortune on international roaming numbers. That’s why it’s important to switch to an affordable international roaming data and call plan, which allows you to stay connected without hurting your pocket.

Cook at home  

 These days you get plenty of ready-to-meals or low prep foods. So, instead of eating out while you travel, find accommodation, which has a fridge or a mini stove for you to prepare quick meals.

Get a travel insurance

 Though you will be paying upfront for travel insurance, it can save you tons of dollars later in case of some mishap with your luggage or health. This is a must0have before you travel.

 Here is another great tip

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