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Picking a good travel insurance plan is very crucial, particularly if you travel like normal people do and like to do activities where a high chance of getting brutally hurt is high and the medical expenses they would cause are expansive. During foreign trips people mostly like to participate in adventure activities like;  hiking on mountains, throwing himself over there climbing things, jumping here, swimming where you shouldn’t, diving ….above all, doing everything on overseas trips that we normally consider part of a perfect trip.

Just assume if you’re enjoying snowboarding in Switzerland without any travel insurance plan, get hurt in the mid of the mountain, and have to be evacuated from any remote location by helicopter. The medical treatment bill you will get, while still in the hospital bed, is going to be so huge that your doctors have decided you to stay longer at the hospital to treat the cardiac arrest you may get after looking at all those zeros on your bills.


  1. HCC Medical Insurance Services (Atlas Travel)

Truthfully, if you will be able to find a cheaper travel insurance plan than this one, which insurance plan works for citizens from the entire world, please let us know about it. As I have not noticed anything cheaper yet, people would like to use HCC Medical (Atlas Travel) when they are traveling to a “safe” place where they will be visiting mostly cities, such as Europe or the United States, and I know you won’t be doing anything crazy.


  1. IMG Global

International Medical Group (IMG) Global is a leading American travel insurance plan company that offers vacation insurance plans to travelers from more than 190 countries around the world, so probably your visiting country is among them. IMG Global has a travel insurance policy for Americans only (Patriot Travel Medical Insurance policy) and one specially designed for non-U.S. individuals (Patriot America Plus policy).


  1. WorldNomads Travel Insurance

WorldNomads travel insurance plan is distinctively made for active travelers or backpackers and it is still reasonably cheap when you see how much more it covers than the other insurance plan companies! We count on this to be the best backpacker travel insurance policy option and it’s the one we always recommend to use the most.


  1. Real Seguro de Viagem

Real Seguro de Viagem isn’t insurance or insurance company in itself. It’s a web aggregator that offers, sells, and compare different online travel insurances policy. Through filters tools available on its website, travelers can compare the best travel insurance and coverage of prices of different companies and choose their travel insurance plan.

If you have already made your mind about your travel insurance plan then it’s time to book your flight tickets through AirTkt. AirTkt provides you a better platform to compare the cheapest air ticket for you and your family.

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