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While it does not cost anything to plan an international vacation, it does cost a lot of dollars when you start to execute the planning. One major section where you end up spending a lot of dollars is the flight tickets, especially international flight tickets are soaring airfare prices and could really kill the budget of your dream international trip. However, AirTkt has a way out for you, we tell you the best time to buy international airline ticket so that you get the flight tickets at the lowest airfare possible.

Most airlines publish their airfare prices almost a year in advance, which make it a bonanza for you. Airlines always offer lowest airfares for price conscious travelers who happen to book airline tickets in advance of their trip. The window in which you need to book flight tickets is at least 70-80 days if you are planning to travel to Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America or North America. However, you should get air flight bookings done at least 120 days in advance for Asia, South Pacific, Middle East, Europe, and Africa. This is the prime window which has the lowest airfare possible. Be vigilant and actively track airfare prices for your destination during the specified period. As and when you spot a cheap flight ticket, do not waste any time and book right away.

Also, be very careful of when you choose to book the international flight tickets. Opting to take air flights on Tuesday and Wednesdays is cheaper than most other days especially the weekends. Further, avoid traveling during peak season or holiday time. During this time, a majority of people travel and hence, flight ticket costs are really high. In case of holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, it is best to travel on the day of the holiday to grab the cheapest airfare price possible.

Also, the season in which you are planning to go aboard also matter a lot. While buying you international ticket, always be sure to avoid the peak tourist season to get best flight deals. For example, in case you want flight tickets to Europe, you should avoid its summers because they are the most visited months of the whole year when prices are splurging high with increasing cost of living.  Instead of the popular month, choose to fly on other not-so-popular months, when there are lesser tourists and even the hotel rates are cheap.

Further, always remember to book flight tickets through a competitive flight finder such as AirTkt where you can get amazing international flight deals and packages.

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