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Not everything beautiful is expensive and unaffordable. Well, you heard that right, no matter how absurd that sounds but it is true. If you look harder, there are many cheap islands around the world for traveling that offer spectacular views and breathtaking vibes. AirTkt understands how stressful planning a budgeted holiday can be and hence, has amazingly cheap flight deals for you to take advantage of and book your flight tickets. Head on to these 5 cheapest islands and save even more!


Boracay Island, Philippines

A small island in the central Philippines, it is known for its pristine beaches and gorgeous resorts. It has also been named the most beautiful island in Asia and boasts of a tropical climate, clear blue water, palm trees, and fine sand. There is not much in terms of culture but a lot of food and merriment amidst spectacularly beautiful beaches – makes this a perfect holiday. The accommodation here is as cheap as $30 for a comfortable hotel; the food is available at reasonable rates; however, avoid eating at the restaurants and opt for street food and local cuisines. Moreover, a buffet on the beachside is also available at very cheap prices at approximately $6. Transportation is highly affordable – tuk-tuk for $1. Also, most bars run happy hours that offer beer at very low prices. So, the cherry on and get those plane tickets now!


Zanzibar, Tanzania

The beautiful island of Zanzibar is also known as the Spice Island and is bustling with rich culture and history. The island is a little away from the Zanzibar city which is a charming place and almost a maze. The life here is slow and people do not rush with everyday lives. The place is highly affordable and has cheap transport options available; however, most places are within walking distance, so you will save money on transportation. 


Accommodation is available for $20 a night and a delicious three-course meal can be obtained for a low as $8; the food here is mouth-watering. Do visit the museums and attractions of the place, and the beautiful Stone Town.


Cozumel, Mexico

A Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea, Cozumel boasts of pristine white-sand beaches and lush jungles. The island also has a thrilling nightlife, excellent food, great hotels, and endless Margaritas. Must visit is the Mayan city of Tulum located across the water on the mainland. There are also water-adventures including snorkeling and diving in the gorgeous underwater terrain and marine life. An affordable hostel room is available for $13 here, beer is cheap and served all day long at $2; local dishes are available for $8, whereas transportation via taxi is affordable at $2 for 1.86 miles.


Kos Island, Greece

Known for its abundant sandy beaches, rich history, deep culture, and gorgeous landscape – the Kos lands in Greece are also very friendly on the pocket. Take a walk through the town, mesmerize at the beauty of the Eleftherias (Liberty) square, and take those lovely bicycle rides to get a taste of the island. The cherry on top is the perfect weather and the thumping nightlife which makes it an ideal holiday destination. The flight tickets can be booked for cheap at AirTkt, and the hostel room is available for $20 a night. A normal meal would be around $12; and water, beer, and fizzy drinks are all below $3. You can get around the airport at around $2 per one way via public transportation, whereas a 1.86 miles taxi ride costs up to $2.50.


Aruba, Caribbean

This tiny island off the Venezuela coast is swarming with bright, sunny weather, beautiful blond beaches, and gentle surf. The island has a rich heritage, a mixed culture, and is considered the most peaceful and beautiful location in the Caribbean. The temperatures are comfortable and cool all around the year with warm waters and fine beaches. The food here is amazing and the people are extremely friendly and welcoming. Accommodation here is not cheap but can be split if you are traveling in a group. A local dish will be approximately around $15, and a beer would be priced at $2. Public transportation would be less than $2 and a taxi ride of 1.86 miles will be $2. AirTkt offers cheap flight tickets to Aruba all-round the year, so hurry and grab the best flight deals.

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