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One thing we all want out hands on are cheap flight tickets. To travel is exciting but to travel on cheap is all the more fun and also makes you save more and stay within the budget. Well…Well…Well…What if AirTkt just granted your wish? Thrilling! So, keep reading to know 10 easy steps for cheap flights and travel deals booking.

Opt for Budget airlines: Do not take international large carriers instead book air flight tickets for budget airlines since they are known to offer cheap flight tickets as compared to international ones.

Set up price alerts: Be vigilant and always set up price alerts for low airfare prices. Airfare price alerts are received on email, so keep a regular check to be the first one grab the best flight deals.

Book in advance: If you have travel plans fixed, you must not wait too long as the airline hikes flight ticket prices as you approach the date of travel. AirTkt advises you to book your international tickets at least 60 days in advance and domestic tickets at least 70-80 days in advance. This is also the ‘Prime Booking’ window which is expected to have lowest airfare possible. Keep checking and book when you spot a fair flight deal.

Avoid peak season travel: One easy way to grab best flight deals is to avoid traveling in the peak season such as holidays, festivals, etc. Instead choose to travel either on the day or the holiday or when most other people would not travel. This helps you get cheap flight tickets to your destination.

Be careful while choosing days to fly: It is true that flight tickets on certain days are expensive than the others such as Tuesdays and Wednesday are quieter than Mondays and weekends; thus, they have cheap flight tickets in comparison.

Book layover flights: Layover flights are cheaper than non-stop flights and must be preferred if you have some time at hand. A layover flight lets you stretch on a long air flight, as well as adds another destination to your itinerary.

Check alternate airports: Always check for alternate airport air flights. These alternate airports could have the same air flight or similar options but at lesser airfare prices because of being unpopular due to the connectivity, distance from the city, etc. Though while considering this option, you should remember to evaluate to-and-fro transportation, as well as air flight timings.

Book one way ticket at a time: Whoever told you that round trip air flights are cheaper – was misinformed because booking one way ticket is cheaper, provided it is booked one at a time. So, book air flights for one side at one time and then book the return air flight separately to avoid paying hiked airfare prices.

Package deal: A package deal is a great idea to have on travel deal bookings. You should opt to book air flights and hotels together to avoid paying higher airfare prices for any.

Avoid travel agents and act quickly:  Travel agents often charge their service fee and might not apply so many tricks to save money on flight tickets. Hence, book your flight tickets on your own to get best flight deals. Also, it is very important to act promptly as soon as you spot cheap flight tickets. The longer you wait, the more likely are the chances of missing on the attractive airfare prices.

Trust AirTkt and just follow these simple tricks to get cheap flight deals and travel deals booking for your holiday.

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