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One of the things you evaluate while booking your flight tickets is need for travel insurance? While many look at this as an unnecessary expense that increases cost of the otherwise cheap flight tickets, there are many others that believe secure travel is best travel. Precautions are better than cure, they say! And AirTkt completely agrees. So, here are six crucial reasons to buy travel insurance when you book a flight next.

1.Flight Delay or Cancellation: Ever been stranded on the airport for hours waiting for your flight or even worse, having to reschedule your domestic/ international flight because the first got cancelled? Well, such events are not rare and that is why travel insurance becomes a must. Most travel insurances cover such events and provide for compensation, accommodation, in-between transit, and food for the waiting period, depending on the opted plan.

 2.Missed a Flight/Connecting Flight: How common is that? Very! The reasons maybe many – met an accident, traffic jams, emergency duties, last minute business meetings, health issues, any so many more. In case of connecting flights, there is a high risk especially if the two airlines are different. Hence, travel insurance becomes more vital. It may provide refund, a rescheduled flight or alternate means of transport depending on the plan.

3.Trip Cancellation: No one wants to do that but certain situations such as a natural calamity, terrorist attack or war – in the destination or residing country, call for such steps. In such cases, an exhaustive travel plan can provide for reimbursement or alternate travel packages as per the insurance cover.

4.Baggage Loss, Delay or Theft: Imagine you are in your dream vacation but without your baggage because it got delayed, lost during transit or stolen in a foreign land. Well, that is why AirTkt recommends insuring your travel, leaving the worry of cheap airfare to it. A comprehensive travel insurance plan helps in recovering of luggage, compensates for the missing items, sponsors purchases made in this period, as well as aids with the cost of the luggage if it is never recovered.

5.Medical Expenses or Evacuation: A crucial factor that make buying travel insurance so important. Travelling is a thrilling experience but also has many risks including accidents, illness, or injuries. A broad travel insurance policy covers against such medical emergencies, as well as aids emergency medical evacuation and emergency repatriation to the home country.

6.Lost Passport/Documents/Card: The biggest disaster that one can encounter is loss of passport, travel documents, IDs or credit/debit cards. It is a nightmare being without your authorized identity or cash and clueless in another land. Not only does this make getting home difficult, it also hampers the vacation. Good travel insurances assists in document replacement, transit to home country, as well as legal and financial support.

Travel insurance acts as a shield, protecting against such threats and assuring a comfortable and hassle-free vacation. It is advisable to always check the plan coverage before making the final decision.


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