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Medical evacuation insurance policies focus on emergency medical evacuations conditions, international medical security evacuations, and repatriation. The international medical insurance companies should handle the coordination of these efforts and they normally take care of payments to the rescue team as well as doctors in the medical emergency condition. Emergency medical evacuations are covered up to the policy limits and only for covered reasons listed in the medical evacuation policy written document.


Typical medical insurance policies may provide no or limited coverage when you are traveling foreign.  It is very wise to purchase a comprehensive travel medical insurance plan to cover emergency conditions care expenses, but most of these insurance plans do not provide cover for medical evacuation to get you home country.  Most travel medical insurance plans shall cover emergency medical evacuation to the “nearest acceptable medical facility”, and cover medical costs to move you to a nearby higher level of medical care facility if it’s a “medically necessary”, but that’s likely where you will stay until you are well enough to be repatriated by commercial airline.  Getting home a country for further medical treatment and recovery, to a hospital of your choice, is typically not covered in most travel medical insurance. Furthermore, it can cost you, out of your pocket, up to $30,000 for a domestic emergency medical transport, and up to $180,000 for an international emergency medical transport to get there.


Is Medical Evacuation Insurance Important?


Yes, no one wants to consider what could happen if they get sick or injured while traveling abroad.  However, emergencies can arise at any-time, anywhere.  If a patient is hospitalized while traveling foreign land and is critically ill and they need to be transferred to another higher level of medical facility, or if a hospitalized patient wishes to continue in-patient care at a facility closer to their home, an emergency medical evacuation is required.


Even the best-planned foreign trips don’t always go as planned. That is why Travel medical insurance offers an emergency medical evacuation insurance plan. Medical evacuation insurance plan provides medical coverage, air evacuation services, including medical transportation to the nearest medical care facility and then home if wanted. It’s emergency evacuation insurance that travels with you to protect you against various types of emergency medical conditions.


Important Questions to Ask When Purchasing a plan:


  • Does the policy allow you to be evacuated to the hospital of your choosing or just the closest appropriate facility?
  • Who decides if you will be evacuated in emergency medical conditions?
  • Are there any restrictions for adventure travel or engaging in extreme activities (such as bungee jumping, skydiving)?
  • Does the plan exclude any preexisting medical conditions?
  • Does the policy place a cap on how much coverage it will provide for a medical evacuation?
  • Does your insurance plan have age restrictions?


Extra Advantages:

A few medical evacuation policies may include some package-like benefits, including:

  • Trip interruption
  • Lost baggage
  • Optional adventure sports coverage

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