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Ever wondered what it would be like to stay in a true winter wonderland? If not, then tickle your modern frozen fantasies and indulge in some glorious winter experience to remember for a lifetime. For anyone looking for a truly luxurious and warm igloo stay, Borealis Basecamp is the place to be. Leave behind the city, pack up the work and just enjoy observing the aurora borealis dance for you. Offering a magnetic experience like no other at this Alaskan Igloo- Spend the night out sleeping under the northern lights without freezing yourself off.

Located forty-five minutes from Fairbanks- Alaska, this premier eco-lodge is home to the only clear roofed igloos in the whole of Alaska. Tucked into a hundred private acres of black spruce and birch forest, these fiberglass habitats resemble those used by polar researchers. Ten insulated self-sustaining geodesic domes sit on top of a hill, overlooking the White Mountains. With a European style interior, each dome features heated interiors, private bathrooms, porches and 16-foot-long, north-facing clear plexiglass wall; allowing guests an optimal view of the nearly nightly sky parade of the aurora borealis right from their bed. The place also consists of a big dining yurt- serving fresh, local flavors to the guests.

The northern lights in Alaska are whirling flashes of green and white in the black sky, giving it a concept of Dancing with the Stars. Tuck yourself in some sumptuous dinner for a cozy hideaway, swirling some wine and waiting for the magic to take place. One can witness this phenomenon anywhere between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The camp also offers a midnight wakeup call for the guests as the lights begin to appear. With nights like these, the daytime has also got a lot to offer. Book a dog sled expedition if you’re feeling adventurous during your trip or rent snowshoes to explore the system trails close to your igloo. Looking to take up some photos, one can also take a photography seminar with Frank Stelvis, a great photographer living next door.

So replace your bathing suits with feather down jackets and head out to experience a beautiful winter foray. Make your online flight bookings now, as last minute flights can turn out to be really expensive to this good old Fairbanks.

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