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After many days or months of hectic work life, you have now found some time to breathe and thought of going on a short vacay. But it is not easy for everyone to turn this thought into reality considering many constraints such as budget, time and many times a destination. So, why not be one step ahead and book flights for the cheapest places. And by cheap we mean affordable airfare, hotel to local sightseeing and food. Let’s see how!


Finding cheap destinations to travel can be both time-consuming and tiring. And above, each traveler has own preference for the destination. Still, based on studies, it is concluded traveling to Asian countries in comparison to Europe and North America is comparatively cheaper. How much precisely each destination will cost varies depending on several factors. To name a few, destinations like Vietnam, Cambodia, Northern Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Taiwan, India fall in the category of cheapest places to visit as they range anywhere between $20 to $40 per day.

Book in advance

Once you have zeroed on your favorite destination by doing all the required search that makes it to the list of cheaper places, it is better to start looking for flight options at cheaper rates in advance. Again, even in this field, there is no hard and fixed rule as the price of air tickets keeps fluctuating from day today. So, choosing a day to fly is not a simple task as it may seem. A lot of search is needed in that case as well. We suggest comparing prices of the flights by visiting airlines’ website or OTAs and then make your booking directly.

Value your credit cards

Well, if you have been underestimating the value of your credit card then you might just be making a mistake here. Credit cards when used in a planned way can become of great significance for its user. Did you know the cheapest flight you can book is free? How! The trick is to use your credit card smartly and wisely as it will gift you many Airmiles that can be converted to get free tickets and many more benefits.

Budget Airlines

We are talking about visiting cheap places and what’s point if you spend your hard-earned money on flights. It is better to know the names of some airlines that offer discounted prices or are budgeted to suit your needs. Delta, American Airlines, Air Asia, Jetblue, Porter, Frontier, Spice Jet keep on slashing the price on air tickets as part of their sale offer or otherwise. Just keep track of their updates.

Looking for your next vacay? 

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