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For a moment just close your eyes and picture vast landscapes, wilderness, beautiful clear roads, perfect weather, and you pleasantly driving through all of this mesmerizing beauty. Well, that is what long drive through Chile and Argentina looks like. Now, open your eyes, set alerts for cheap air flights to Chile and book your flight tickets as soon as you get an attractive airfare deal because no matter what you just cannot miss the extreme pleasure of this long drive and when you take that trip, just keep this guide handy.

Road Conditions

The roads and landscape through the whole drive are mesmerizing, especially in Chile. The roads are wide, clean, marked with good and clear signage, and have little or no traffic.


Spanish is a predominant language spoken across Chile and Argentina, while some folks might understand English too. It is advisable to keep a translating book handy.


You can choose to use the Google Maps, the GPS navigation system in the car or offline navigation maps such as ‘’. Also, keep a local map with you while on the trip.

Breakdown Help

When you pick up your car from the rental service provider, ensure to check with him about the procedure to call for help in case of breakdown and any number to contact on.


Leave early in the morning and cross the borders as soon as you can to enjoy the rest of your trip at leisure. Get your passports checked and stamped, travel documents and vehicle papers verified, and get the approval slip from immigration. Keep this slip very safe as you might be asked to present it anytime in either Chile or Argentina. Also, take note of things you are carrying across borders and if they are permissible.

Wild Animals

You will encounter the beautiful wildlife species while taking the long drive from Chile to Argentina. Travel at your own pace and enjoy the beauty but do not harm them in anyway. In fact, when they cross, slow down and let them pass. Take a pair of binoculars along for better spotting.


While on the long drive, you will encounter tolls. Make sure you have enough cash to pay at these tolls as they might not accept the card.


Keep your tank topped at all times as you might not encounter too many fuel stations on the way or they could be distant apart, hence, always be stocked.


To drive in Chile and Argentina, one must have the UK license along with an International Driving Permit. Remember to drive on the right, wear seatbelts, keep within speed limits, do not drink and drive or smoke while driving. Keep your passport, driving documents, travel/car insurance handy.

Make use of this guide on your spectacular long drive!

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