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What makes it special?

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind thinking about Niagara Falls is a never-ending wall of water in all three forms. The ice, the mist and the gushing waves in all it’s liquid glory.

And to even think of visiting Buffalo without visiting the great falls is a missed opportunity of a lifetime. After all, it is named the Winter Wonderland for a reason. This amazing attraction has been in the making for 12,300 years now. Here’s why it’s a must-visit for every traveller:

It has an unending energy  

The dynamic forces of nature are at full display at Niagara Falls. No wonder, it has inspired many in the past to harness this endless reservoir of energy and nature like the father of electricity – Nikola Tesla. Not just that, painters, writers, poets, musicians, Niagara has been a hub of inspiration over the ages.

There’s more than just water

Not just the gushing water of the falls, you are in for a treat at the various wine and dine options at Niagara Falls. Hungry after your adventure? Walk into eateries like Kelsey’s Original to delight your taste buds. If you would like to dive deep into history and arts, there’s the famous Oakes Garden Theater. Adventure lovers, get ready for a zip line adventure to fly through the mist and feel the highs of the experience as well as the gorges. There is even a giant wheel, and firework shows for a spectacular getaway. And guess what? There’s a colorful festival at the Aquarium and an adventure park to pump your adrenaline. There’s a little bit of everything at Niagara Falls.          

Planning your trip?

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When to visit?

The best time to visit the cascading Falls is during the fall season. During the season, all trees are painted in brilliant hues of red and orange. It’s also the best season for all hiking aficionados who are seeking a picturesque hike.

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