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Honeymoon Travel Tips

Honeymoon Travel Planning

In the world of today honeymooning is another way of saying “let’s begin our togetherness with an unforgettable sharing experience by traveling out”. So that’s what you should do when getting married. Planning a honeymoon trip is not so strenuous as the wedding plans since this is a mutual decision of a newly married couple. However, a little bit of guidance is always welcome from a third party (generally a travel agent) who has the experience in chalking out such excursions. After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Budget:  Before the wedding itself you should have planned your budget and accordingly the destination for your honeymoon trip. The choice of the destination has to be done in a manner where both of you compromise on your expectations and mutually accept each other’s decision to have a grand beginning. Do carry extra money and if you have created a honeymoon registry then it could certainly come in handy for extras at your destination.

Destination Specialist: It’s advisable to take the assistance of a honeymoon destination specialist as they are in a more tenable position to guide you on these themes. They will recommend and tell you the dos and don’ts of your trip. It is important that you be guided correctly to avoid messing up your romancing. Ensure your travel agent gets you the maximum benefits on your flights, hotels, and destination events bookings.

Types of Destinations:  The two of you have to decide the type of vacationing you need because the travel agents have categorized them.

  • You have a choice of a cruise if you are looking for a floating experience. This has the novelty of not only providing opportunities of visiting different ports but also enjoying the in-house luxuries and entertainment.
  • Some perceive beaches as the perfect destination to be able to laze around and bask in the sun and generally enjoy a peaceful and secluded outing. To add a bit of activity surfing and water rafting options are always there.
  • Resorts are the most sought-after honeymoon destination as they are mostly all-inclusive. They are often set in idyllic surroundings and include all types of recreational facilities that one wants. It’s like “you want it -you have it”. These resorts generally have spas, pools, golf courses, private beaches, meals, and drinks and all these facilities get included in one package price so that you don’t have to worry about the cost factor once you have bought the deal.
  • If you are culturally and historically inclined then you can romance with cities like Rome, Paris, London, the Vatican, etc.
  • Some of you who love adventure and nature has immense opportunities around the world to go on an African safari, trekking, mountaineering, skiing, yachting, etc. There is also an abundance of nature and wildlife that beckon honeymooners like you to visit and enhance the romantic aura in the air.

Travel Insurance: As a lot of investment goes on a trip like this it is advisable to buy travel insurance. It comes in handy when your flight is delayed and misconnections are caused thereby affecting your hotel booking and further schedules. Then there are unfortunate situations like bad weather, sickness, strikes, etc.  That can occur and spoil your whole trip. Herein the cushioning effect of travel insurance is, therefore, most welcome.

Documentation:  Keep copies of all your travel documents and leave an extra set with your family or friend. In case of loss of the originals, you are saved from the hassles of looking for records of the same.      

Seats on Flight:   To start on a happy note you must ensure you get good seats in the aircraft. If the travel agent has not done this already then let the airline know that you are a honeymooning couple. Airlines and hotels do have a soft spot for such travelers and will assist you in getting your requirements fulfilled.

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