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One thing that guarantees low airfares is an early morning flight. While some may cringe on the idea of waking up while the whole world sleeps, taking the flight at those wee hours might kill the buzz of the whole holiday. Hold it. No fret! We’ve got that sorted for you. If you are not a morning person but want to travel by cheap flights, you might as well want to really consider our tips to master early morning flights like a pro.

Rest Well: This is sure to help you pass your early morning flight is a piece of cake. Go to bed early the night before your flight to allow your body to rejuvenate its energies and get ready for the morning. Do not take caffeine late at night, stay away from alcohol, and keep aside your gadgets an hour before you sleep. Give your body at least 7-8 hours of sleep so that when you wake up in the morning, you feel less tired and more positive for having rested well. You could also adjust your sleep schedule such that you go to bed early and wake up early for a week to ensure you feel easy and habitual on the day of your flight.

Pack in Advance: You just CANNOT pack on the night before your departure or even worse on the morning you are set to fly. That will only add to your agony. So, list down your essentials, shop well, and just pack everything a day or two in advance of your travel to make certain that you have nothing piled up for the last minute. Advance packing provides motivation to buck up early knowing that all you got to do is take a shower, grab your bag, and head to the airport. Lesser the hassles in the morning, happier you will be.

Book your Transportation: Very crucial to make you more positive when you get up early for your flight. You must reserve your cab or any other mode of commuting to the airport a day or two in advance. Prior bookings not only ease things in the morning but also ensure you do not get delayed for your flight. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to catch up your flight and trying to book a cab at the same time. No cab availability might worsen the situation. It’ll take some time for the cab driver to reach you as well. These are some blunders you want to avoid at all costs.

Fool your Body: This might sound weird but is helpful in cases involving early morning flights. Our bodies can be fooled though not completely but to an extent to believe that it is bright outside even at the peak morning hours. You should instantly switch on all lights, put on all lamps in the room/house to awaken your body out of slumber and fool it to believe there is enough light to head out. Our bodies produce snooze-inducing melatonin which we can signal it to stop producing by throwing ourselves in the light upon waking up.

Avoid Morning Caffeine: Yes, you heard us! Skip that coffee you want so eagerly to sip on. Having caffeine early in the morning though will shoot up your energies but will also not let you fall asleep during the flight when it is most needed. Hence, the flight will be more tiring for you. So, it is best to avoid caffeine upon waking up and instead let your body feel a little drowsy because it will help you doze off during the flight.

Get Comfortable: Comfort is the key to master the early morning flight. You should allow yourself to feel completely comfy when you are flying. We advise you to wear loose clothes and easy shoes. Carry an add-on to layer in case you feel too cold. Get all your essentials in place including travel pillow, earplugs, snacks and all. You should also prepare a good playlist or download some content to go binge watching on the flight in case you do not feel sleepy. Make sure you have enough battery in your phone.

Next time you book a morning flight, you will be able to avoid all the panic with all the above-mentioned tricks by Airtkt. Get ready to master early morning flights without a hassle and make your trips even more pleasant.

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