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Millennials form the largest sect of population on planet earth at the moment. Naturally, brands these days are trying to get up, close and personal with them. And guess what’s their favorite activity? Travelling. According to a report, millennials spent US$200 billion on travelling in 2018. That’s staggering, isn’t it? So, the question is, what is driving the millennials of today and what are they looking for? For that we will need to dissect their mind and understand their travel needs and sensibilities. For one, it is a generation, which places experience more than materialism. Let’s look at some other factors that drive their travel.

Search Operation

No, not for a suspect (pun intended)! When millennials travels, they immerse themselves in a complete search operation, which means the best destinations, deals, offers and other reviews of the place. They don’t make random decisions to travel unlike the previous generations. Blame it on their genes or the digital age of today. Not just that, they will try a new set of adventures, which means they don’t want to be a tourist but get an immersive experience as a traveler. So, they would rather skip the touristy places and opt for some off-beat adventures or underrated places, which offers them the experience rather than the run-of-the-mill jingbang.

Go Solo

Millennials love their own company. Solo travelling is a huge trend these days amongst Millennials. They are even willing to skip a family holiday or group trip with their gang. Instead, they love more off-beat destinations rather than the regular ones. That’s probably because they are bitten by the bug of exploring new destinations in their bucket list.

They love to go across the borders

Millennials are the YOLO (You Live Only Once) generation, which believes in living life to the maximum. A large chunk of their life means travelling to far-off places. A study found that 80% of the millennial travelers opt for international travel over domestic. One reason is to explore other terrains, art and culture.

Keep me connected

Millennials are the connected generations, not in the offline but the online world. They are looking for destinations, which have the best Wi-Fi or data connection so they can remain connected on their Facebook, post pictures on Insta and chat on Snapchat. Not to forget the million selfies with all those gazillion filters.

Money matters

Millennials are extremely price conscious compared to other generations. They want a bang on their buck, even if that means compromising on several amenities and comforts. Also remember they are still not stable in their careers. Most of them must have just started their jobs, or must have got a promotion or two. What matters to them is food, shelter and internet.

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