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Hiring an agent to book your airplane flight tickets is the simplest task, but when you are the one making the online flight bookings, saving money and finding the right airplane flight might come across as a challenge. There are some key rules to follow for dodging blunders when booking your long-awaited trip. AirTkt rounds up for you the tips that you should never forget before buying airplane flight tickets.

24 hour cancellation policy – Unsure about your plan, but saw a great deal on the airfare? Then just go ahead and book it. A lot of airplane flights now offer 24 hours from the time to purchase your ticket, to cancel for a full refund.

Price- Make sure you have done a proper search before making your online flight booking. To get the best price, set up alerts. These will notify you as and when the price of the airplane flight that you have been looking for drops.

Layover flight- Taking these airplane flights might surely end up saving those bucks but make sure your layover hours are appropriate. Sometimes when you book layover airplane flights with odd hours, the price of staying at the nearby hotel to the airport ends up costing you more than the direct flights.

Be Flexible-Aren’t really fussy about the travel date, time, and destination? Play around these three while searching your flights to save up significantly. Before you book your tickets keep in mind that certain days to travel are cheaper, the time of the airplane flight can also cause variation in the price.

Avail student discounts- If you are under 26, there are a lot of discounts available for you that might cut your cost down to somewhere from 20%- 30%.

Book prior- Make sure you make you don’t wait till the last second to book your flight tickets. Book in advance, but also not way too early because a sometimes flight prices fluctuate based on the demand.

Flight Arrival Time- If travelling to an unknown destination, make sure you check on the arrival time so that you have access to transportation to reach your hotel. You do not want to be stranded at the mercy of the taxi drivers charging exorbitant rates because public transport is closed down for the day.

Pick the Airport carefully-A lot of cities have multiple airports. So make sure you check on the region you are planning to stay and book the airplane flight to the nearest airport of that region. Sometimes an airport can be just 5 mins from your destination while the other one can take you 2 hours to reach!!

These are certain list of things that you should always double-check before booking your airplane flight.


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