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Experiencing loss of a family member, a friend, or any other loved one is bad enough. During this bad time, arranging expensive air tickets can add up your stress. Special fare tickets for that 11th hour, known as bereavement flights, can lower your problems slightly, but is it easy to get the bereavement flights? Do all the airlines offer such special flights during the bad times? The answers to these questions are not simple and straight. So, here we are trying to put together some important aspects about the bereavement flights. We hope it will help you significantly.

What are bereavement flights?

Bereavement flights or bereavement fares on air tickets are especially offered by the airlines in the United States and Canada. Not all but most of the airlines offer special priced ticket for emergency hours. But a handful of companies are still offering the flights with flexible rules and sometimes a slight cut on the fares. The discount or no discount on the fares entirely depends on the policies of the airlines. In some circumstances, passengers may be able to get the bereavement flights a few minutes before the departure time.

Are bereavement flights the best options?

Bereavement costs and discounts are not always the best things, especially in today’s era where most of the airline companies are offering huge discounts on a regular basis. Sometimes deals and low-cost fares are even cheaper than the old bereavement discounts. Before booking for an emergency flight ticket, it is advised to check for the offers and deals with the airlines. You might end up getting the tickets at slightly lower rates.

Bereavement flights are better options during emergency situations, especially if you have to change a flight at last minute. Bereavement fares are more flexible especially because you get a waiver on flight changing fee.

Do all airline companies offer bereavement flights?

Presently, not all but most airlines offer bereavement fares on flights. These special flights were more common before 2015. Here is a special mention to them.

  • Lufthansa: One of the major airline companies, Lufthansa is still offering bereavement flights. Special discounts on the sad occasion of losing someone close is on offer by Lufthansa. But as most of the airlines, Lufthansa also offers these special discounts only in the United States and Canada.
  • Air Canada: Another major airline company of Canada, Air Canada also offers bereavement discounts. It has a very simple rule of its own. You must have to travel within seven days of booking international flights and within ten days of domestic flights. If you are booking a bereavement flight from Air Canada, you must have to make sure you don’t stay for more than 30 days on international travel and 60 days on domestic travel. Bereavement discount from Air Canada also doesn’t apply to business class, premium economy class, North America Basic Fares, and Codeshare Flights.
  • Delta Airlines: Delta airlines bereavement fares vary in prices. These tickets are also subject to availability. If tickets are available, Delta Airlines’ bereavement flights are more flexible than any other airline. You will get a maximum possible discount on the published fares on your route. Also, you can make some unexpected changes to your route without the standard change fees.

The most important thing to keep in mind while booking for bereavement flights on through Delta Airline: They give preference to the SkyMiles members. If you are a SkyMiles member, you will be awarded with priority and getting the bereavement fare will be easy. If you don’t have the SkyMiles membership, you can still enroll on the Bereavement policy page of the airline.

  • WestJet: WestJet also offers flexible and affordable Bereavement flights. It also has a special policy called “civic funeral fares” (special discounts for travelers who are traveling to the funeral of a firefighter, a police officer, emergency service, or military personnel, or anyone who is passed away during a civil service duty).

You can avail WestJet bereavement fares via Econo, EconoFlex and Premium Fares. But make sure your travel is getting completed within two weeks. You can also call on the WestJet customer number for booking, but you will have to submit the proof of your situation. That should not be a big challenge.

Understanding properly about the bereavement flights is very important, as there are several airline companies who offers these flights only. It is also important to note that, you can’t book such flight always as they are subject-to-availability and your journey dates and routes.

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