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Airplane flights today have definitely made our lives much easier, but the ease of travelling comes with its own con of exorbitant airfare. Wondering how to possibly save while travelling by airplane flights? How to get those cheap flight tickets for your holiday? Don’t fret savvy travellers! AirTkt has chalked out a guide on Money Saving Travel Tips for Airline Travel that is sure to make your trip a lot more affordable.

Follow the basic rules!

Make sure you begin by following these basic rules while booking your airplane flight.

  • Research: Look out for different airlines and its routes. Check out the various options available on different travel websites. Compare thoroughly.
  • Day and time: Fussy about the travel day and time? If not, you can score a great deal while making your online flight bookings. Look out for cheapest days to fly and super cheap flights using a mix-match of date and time.
  • Different Airports: You will be surprised to know that the airplane flights to the same destination can vary significantly at different airports located in the same city. So choose carefully. Pick the one nearer to your accommodation, if its not priced way higher than the other.
  • Round trip flights or one leg at a time: Check out the costs for both. It’s not necessary that round trip flights are always cheap flights. Instead at times taking two different airplane flights in and out of the city can not only save you tons of money but also give you multiple options along with flexibility of time.

Avoid the extra costs

Extra costs like baggage, food, seat preference, Wi-Fi or even blanket ends up increasing your overall airline travel cost in absolutely no time. Be real smart on saving these because they can easily be avoided.

Email alerts

What could be better than receiving a notification about low prices? Set airfare deal alerts for the air flights that you want to book and get notified as soon as the price drops! If you are lucky enough, you might just land up with mistake fare as well – a pricing error where the airline accidentally puts the wrong price for an air ticket listing.

Collect miles

If you fly frequently, this one is for you. Enrol yourself with membership and loyalty programmes offered by various airlines. Try and travel from the same airline, thus collecting points each time you take an air flight. Once you have accumulated enough points, redeem it to avail discounts or even get a free air flight on your next travel.

Don’t let the flight costs elevate the cost of your vacation. So next time you are making an online flight booking, combat the extra cost with these amazing tips by AirTkt.

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