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If you are considering taking a holiday in February 2020 – we suggest considering booking flight tickets to China to attend the famous Lantern Festival. The lantern festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month as per the Chinese calendar and marks the end of the Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival. This year, it falls on February 8 and trust us; you do not want to miss this opportunity. So, hurry and book your plane tickets to China and witness the magic of the Lantern festival in-person. Some reasons that explain why you should go to the lantern festival in China are:

The Festive Chinese Spirit: The foremost reason to visit China to attend the lantern festival is to enjoy the festive Chinese spirit, which will overwhelm you in a way unimaginable. The lantern festival marks the return of spring, end of a year, and symbolizes the union of family, thereby spreading love and positivity all around. You can witness people gazing at the full moon, sending up flying lanterns, flying bright drones, and spending quality time with family and friends, while wishing the best for everyone.

Eating Yuanxiao: During the lantern festival in China, you get a chance to taste the authentic and delicious Yaunxiao, which is a dumpling formed of sticky rice flour and stuffed with fillings of choice. Yuanxiao has become an integral part of the celebrations, and during the festival, the family members sit together and feast on Yuanxiao while appreciating the union and the full moon.

Guessing the Riddles: The lantern festival involves people flying lanterns in the sky, with riddles written on them for others to guess. People gather around the flying lanterns and start guessing the riddles; if a person gets the right answer, they inform the lantern owner and usually get a small prize in return from the owner. Attend the festival and be a part of this exciting guessing game.

Lion and Dragon Dances: These traditional folk dances of China attract visitors from all around the world. The lantern festival hosts multiple shows that feature the lion and dragon dance symbolizing bravery and strength. The dances signify warding off evil and coming of fortune and safety for everyone. The lion dance is fascinating to watch, with one person acting as the head and forelegs, while the other as back and rear legs – they dance to the different beats, jump, roll, and perform difficult acts, as well as engage the viewers with amusing and entertaining activities. A lion dance is definitely the highlight of the festival.

If you are the person who enjoys merriment and joyous celebrations – do attend the lantern festival in China at least once, it will leave you thrilled. So, make plans this February, if you haven’t already and book your flight tickets to witness the magically grand and overwhelming lantern festival in China. To add more to the holiday, take this trip along with loved ones – family or friends – and witness the magic.

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