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If you are a person who likes excitement, thrill, and the rush of adrenaline on a holiday instead of a week of sun, pristine beaches, and comfy sand – then you just got lucky because AirTkt has got you just what you need. Below are some of the best adventure holidays from around the world, which are sure to get your heart thumping and mind racing with excitement and joy.


Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Set on the Andes Mountain range in Peru, Machu Picchu is a destination that is on every travel freak’s list of places to be visited in a lifetime. This is because of the spectacular landscape and the thrilling adventure this place has to offer. One of the best ways to experience this adventure is to trek along the Inca trail to reach the high of Machu Picchu; the trek is almost 4 days long and involves hiking of up to 4,200 meters. Along the trek, you can engage in multiple activities such as paddle-boarding and zip-lining. You can also do this trek in an organized group or take along some like-minded friends to make the most of the holiday.


Great Wall of Marathon

Like the idea of running? Well, then you must try this going for this adventure holiday. Running along the Great Wall of Marathon implies a tough stretch of 5,164 steps passing through a lower valley into the small neighboring villages. This is considered as the most challenging marathon and also is an adventure of a lifetime. Many people from around the world participate in the Annual Marathon Race, which is held every year on the third Saturday of May and boasts of more than 2500 participants from over 60 countries worldwide.


Three Peaks Challenge

This challenge takes adventure to another level and if you like your holidays with a slight edge, then get flight tickets booked to experience this holiday where you have to climb the highest peaks of England, Scotland, and Wales within 24 hours. Participants climb each peak turn-by-turn and are driven from the foot of one mountain to the next. The total distance covered is approximately 42 kilometers with an ascent of 9,800 feet in totality.


Walking Safari in Zimbabwe

Known for its dramatic landscape, spectacular greenery, and diverse wildlife, Zimbabwe is also widely popular for its walking safari tours, which get you closer to nature than ever. Zimbabwe is known for excellent walking safaris, its guiding standards, and training programs. Walking safari makes you more welcoming towards nature, keeps you alert of your surroundings, and enables you to witness the clarity and sound of nature and wildlife first hand. You can observe wildlife in their natural habitat, which is way more adventurous than other safari tours where you witness wildlife from a vehicle.


The Lost City of Petra and Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

If history intrigues you and adventure is your kick, then you must visit the Lost City of Petra, carved into stone, which was hidden, in the Mountains of Wadi Mousa, from the entire world until 1812 when it was discovered by explorer Johann Ludwig Burchard. Petra is today one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and should be on every adventure seeker’s list. More so, when in Jordan, do visit the Wadi Rum Desert, also popularly called the Valley of the Moon. This desert is cut into sandstone and granite rock and is the largest Wadi in Jordan. Some of the adventure activities to do here include camping under the stars, abseiling, rock climbing, camel and horse safari, Arabian horse riding, hiking, as well as riding ATVs, and Jeeps on the rugged terrain.

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